Note to self: Business video done well – The Disqus 2012 Video

People ask me the all the time: What do you think of video for b2b?
The answer is complicated: I love video content and our market loves video content, but we have a lot to learn.

When creating video content, the rules of content marketing apply.  Time is the price your consumer has to pay to consume your content.  Viewers want to be entertained, learn something new, etc…Just ask yourself the following question: Will your buyers watch it, enjoy it, learn something, and then share it?  If you can answer those questions with: “Yes!” then you win the gold medal.  But keep in mind: If you can answer ONE of those questions with “yes”, the video is worth making. An example of my least favorite video is the faux “customer success” story with scripted answers, obvious coaching, and a background wall that has been used in mall photo shoots.  FYI: those are not watchable, enjoyable, instructive, and I will not share it.  (FYI number #2: I like interview style video as well but natural, real interviews not fake ones) [Read more…]

A video on visual content that may or may not include me

Ok, it this video does include me along with some awesome takes from other thought leaders.  Note to self:  I misunderstood the question and thought we were only talking about video.  I still made the cut so there you go.

PS my hair looks terrible.

PPS Thanks Marketo and Jason Miller for including me.

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