Social ROI, contact form terribleness, and ferrets. This week on Twitter.

The Twitter recap post are my least shared posts, but I love them dearly.  Here are some of my favorite findings of the week.

This tweet from Eric Wittlake on #b2bchat resonated with me.  There are still social haters and their main complaint is what they perceive to be a lack of ROI.  The problem with social is people want to judge it’s effectiveness by 1-to-1  attribution.  They want to send a tweet and see how much they make of that tweet.  I prefer to view social as part of my overall mix.  A critical channel to communicate with buyers along their buying journey.   Your buyers are on social, so why wouldn’t you?

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You gotta love the game – Jose Canseco, big data, and Google

Welcome to my 2nd Tweets of the week post. Trying a better title to see if it can take off.

First this tweet from Steve Richard. It made me think about this story I heard about 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh. When he is evaluating players, he allegedly makes them take a test on the NFL. He just wants to know if the player LOVES football. I always think of that when hiring people especially in inside sales.  You gotta get up every morning and achieve. You just can’t do that if this is just a job. It’s cliche but true, sales is about perpetual learning and improvement. If you don’t care, it won’t happen. [Read more…]