Social Selling is about sincerity, honesty, and helping madlibs with @kyleporter

You know when a company jumps on the scene and everyone is like: “Salesloft, I have heard that name”. 4-5 months ago that was me because they were cranking content and getting out there in the social sphere – I didn’t know them yet, but I saw them. Now, I know them. They are helping sales people gather web intelligence on their buyers – one of the critical elements to selling today. Kyle Porter is the CEO and is this week’s madlibs participant. I am sure you have seen him, but if you haven’t, watch him – he is an up-and-comer on the sales internet.
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Sales Productivity 101 via #SDSummit feat @lisahorner @CAHidalgo @rvonsosen @megheuer

So, I sat down to do my tweets of the week around the amazing Twitter action from the Sirius Decisions summit (#SDSummit). I was dreaming of putting a bunch of tweets from all the sessions yesterday and this morning and then…CDW’s Joe Levin’s session on sales enablement and productivity happens and there is enough great tweets from that hour to fill a blog post.

I love the current movement in sales productivity. Now that we are actually trying to make them more productive, we are learning what really works and doesn’t work.

There are two types of sales content scenarios I run into:

  1. No content
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