4 B2B Sales Videos That Will Change Your Game

The only reason you didn’t sign up for the Funnelholic Virtual Sales Summit is if you just didn’t want to go. (It hurts, but I understand). It has dominated our headlines and newsletters, etc.

If you went, I am giving you a virtual hug as we speak.

If you signed up and missed it, I get it — you were out there doing your day job.

Either way, the on-demand videos are in. In our humble opinion, it was the best content we have had yet. Special thanks first to our two premier sponsors: DocuSign and Citrix GoToMeeting. And second, but with equal love and care: Switch Video, LeadSpace, ShareBloc, and TOPO.


Keynote: Jill Konrath on The Agile Selling Mindset

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The Buying Experience: 10 Ways for Sales to Deliver What Your Buyer Wants

What we have here is the transcript from the webinar: “10 Ways Sales Can Deliver a Great Buying Experience” featuring Scott Albro, CEO of TOPO moderated by Megan Toohey, Digital Content Manager of AG Salesworks. First a warning, transcripts are hard because people don’t talk the way they write. I am constantly trying to edit this post on the fly…Nonetheless, its a great webinar and a great read. I suggest you check it out. First, here is the webinar:

Secondly, here is the transcript:

Slide 1:

Megan Toohey: Morning. Thank you for joining us today. Welcome to sales summit brought to you by the funnelholic. You have joined Scott Albro presentation 10 Ways Sales Can Deliver a Great Buying Experience. [Read more…]

Webinar: The 5 Keys to the Successful Modern Sales Organization

Please join us! If you want to watch live it is Thursday, September 12 at 10 A.M. PDT — otherwise, just play it in the post on-demand at your leisure. Hope to see you there

Webinar tips: 101 things you could or should do when producing webinars

As you will see later in this post, I am a believer in using webinars as content anchors to creating lots of different content assets. One of the best tips in content marketing is to “create once, publish many”. The idea here is that original ideas and raw content are very hard to develop so when you do, then create as much content as possible. The webinar is a great launch point for great ideas and raw content. I am right now on a “content rush” on the topic of webinars. Over the last two weeks, I have done two webinars on webinars (Driving Demand with Digital Events and The Essential Guide to Webinars: Deliver Value to the Right Audience) and wrote a monster blog post on the TOPOhq blog: Webinars: The Ultimate Guide to Creating World Class Online Events. Today’s post will be my second on the topic. I am “creating once and publishing many!)

Webinars are core to an organization’s content marketing and demand generation strategy. Why? They work. Free content is everywhere but people are conditioned to filling out registration forms for webinars they are interested in. When done correctly, they are extremely valuable content. Content and leads what more can you ask for?

This post is a list of all the things that I think you should try/do with your webinar program in cliff notes form. Some are “must-do’s”, some are fun, and others I may or may not have made up. Here we go: [Read more…]

Webinar Marketing Tactics: How we drove attendance to #Demand2013

Recently, my brother Paul produced #Demand 2013 — An onlineContent marketing
summit, hosted by the Funnelholic.

It was a pretty amazing adventure. Paul comes from the world of non-profit and I have been busy building TOPO so he had to go pull this off himself. I can’t give you the entire registration number but it was was between 500-1500.  Oh and by the way, we have no email list. So to top things off, so we were forced to test some new ideas and tactics.

That being said, as a consultant I will tell you time and time again — if you want leads/registrations to your online events, then you have to be able to email which means you need a list.  It is and continues to be the biggest “bang for one’s buck” when it comes to promotion.  Do email and do it often. [Read more…]

The Secrets to Successful Video Marketing: #Demand2013 feat. @MattyChilds

Matt Childs on Video Marketing.   Feel free to watch his amazing presentation directly in this window!

Hashtag is #Demand2013

Social Media Marketing that Drives Demand: #Demand2013 feat @Kokasexton

Viewers can watch this webinar featuring @Kokasexton live on May 15th at 11AM PDT or watch on demand from this window. Hashtag is #Demand2013

Best Practices for Highly Effective Demand Generation: #Demand2013 feat @heinzmarketing

Join Matt Heinz on May 15 at 10AM PDT or watch his presentation on demand anytime in the window below! hashtag is #Demand2013

Building the Ultimate Content Marketing Machine: #Demand2013 feat @ScottAlbro

Viewers can watch this webinar featuring Scott Albro live on May 15th at 9AM PDT or watch on demand below Hashtag for the event is #Demand2013

The biggest mistakes in video marketing feat @mattychilds

For our Demand Generation Summit, we had to have a presentation on video marketing…it’s hot and totally misunderstood.  Matt Childs is the guy to follow on video marketing – he has the real scoop on what works and I can tell you it is not just about posting YouTube videos on your blog…In this segment, he talks about video marketing mistakes.  To hear more, Matt is doing a full presentation at the Demand Gen Summit on May 15, RSVP here:


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