Marketing automation craziness — Oh boy, here we go.

Yesterday and today were busy in the world of marketing technology twitterverse. Now, keep in mind, I am not a reporter…I am posting Tweets and articles.In other words, I am happy to post up any clarifications, etc…just put them in the comments field. A lot of these people are my friends so I am not taking sides…but boy there is a scrum happening right now.

Hold on to your hats folks..because here we go:

I will start with this article on Business Insider, the title should tell you everything: Fresh Off A Hot IPO, Marketo’s Biggest Partner,, Is Now Its Biggest Threat [Read more…]

Competitive content, Twitter pix, and mobile marketing: This week on Twitter

Tweets of the Week is back! What a crazy week on the Funnelholic.  My post on the SFDC acquisition of Exact Target had record traffic and my Friday post from last week had a TON of traffic..including some dudes who misinterpreted what I was trying to do and ripped me.

We have a couple tweets on content marketing:

Blog, blog, blog, blog, blog, blog…it works. If you are one of those people who doubt the need for a blog, don’t worry – I was once with you. I was into content marketing, but just didn’t see the whole blog thing. Now that I have seen real-world examples of blogs driving real inbound marketing results and now that I am blogging regularly and generating leads — I can tell you: IT WORKS. On the other hand, I am increasingly start to think that if you can’t blog regularly – then you should not even have a blog.

— Shelly Kramer (@ShellyKramer) May 14, 2013

This number seems high. If it’s real, I am very encouraged. [Read more…]

SMB social, a/b testing, facebook fan $, and inbound marketing: This Week on Twitter

Hi everyone — once again, I present to you my favorite of tweets.  These posts are my worst traffic performers, but I do enjoy putting them together.  For those that do read these posts, thank you!

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Now, what you came for: My Tweets o’ the Week. Enjoy:

Small business is built on word of mouth and social is the ultimate word-of-mouth platform. Newspaper advertising is dead. I can’t possibly believe those dudes on street corners waving those arrow signs work well.  Great SMBs always lived of word of mouth.  Now, as more SMBs embrace social media, data is starting to show that they are seeing ROI. That number will keep rising as more SMBs get educated on how to use social media. [Read more…]

Sales training fails, the skills gap and banner ads: This week on Twitter

According to the American Society of Training and Development (ASTD), American companies spend about $20 billion a year on sales training. If I dust off my pocket calculator, that means that $15 billion a year is wasted on sales training. That’s brutal. It’s not sales training that’s the problem because training is one of the most important things you can do for your sales team. Often sales training fails because it is a one-time event with very little commitment and follow-up. Sales training works when it is implemented after a strategy is set and sales executives are bought off and committed. Then consistent coaching follows the training strategy and you win.

Youtube, marketing technology investment, and email marketing – This Week on Twitter

This week’s Tweets of the week — Enjoy:

Should I do video? I have been getting that a lot. In b2b we are still learning what works and what doesn’t work with video. I recently posted an example of b2b video I really enjoyed via Disqus. We are entering the “Competitive Content” era. The buyer is busy and deciding whether to use their value time on your content. In “competitive content” you are competing with everything – personal content (b2c guys are playing the content game too — see OKCupid for example), media vendors in your space, your competitors, and their daily lives. From the data below, it sounds like YouTube is an important channel. Just remember, there are a lot of fun ways to waste time on Youtube–How will you compete?

The stat below shouldn’t surprise you. [Read more…]

Price v business value, delete buttons, Sunday emails and calling before 9AM – This week on Twitter Part II

I had too many tweets this week to do one post. Had to do another one.

Lets get into it:

A lot of my consulting gigs are to help design or optimize Inside Sales teams. One thing I have noticed is that companies are throwing young folks on the phone to sell their cloud solutions. In their mind you can be successful by getting some young-twenty-something folks on the phone, give them some technology, and teach them how to give a demo. The problem is the core foundation of sales fundamentals is not being established. I have had so many bad sales calls recently as I take calls for solutions for my clients. The phone-based sales reps I encountered focused on two things: the demo and the product. We have to train our reps to develop real business value. (PS I think I was taught that 15 years ago when my career started). [Read more…]

Sharks, top ramen, Mark Hurd, and big data – This week on Twitter

Liked this tweet from Chris Selland — When people ask me what is happening in venture capital, I tell them: “Lots of kids eating top ramen and building product for 1.5 mm or less”.

I have heard this stat a lot recently and had to get it down on paper. What we do with data is the biggest opportunity for [Read more…]

You gotta love the game – Jose Canseco, big data, and Google

Welcome to my 2nd Tweets of the week post. Trying a better title to see if it can take off.

First this tweet from Steve Richard. It made me think about this story I heard about 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh. When he is evaluating players, he allegedly makes them take a test on the NFL. He just wants to know if the player LOVES football. I always think of that when hiring people especially in inside sales.  You gotta get up every morning and achieve. You just can’t do that if this is just a job. It’s cliche but true, sales is about perpetual learning and improvement. If you don’t care, it won’t happen. [Read more…]

Coming straight out of Compton: The Tweet(s) of the Week

“Twitter seems to pass us all by.” – Confuciouseazy is his name

I created this new category of blog post  to immortalize my favorite tweets.  I feel like there are great tweets all the time that just scroll right by us – I plan to do my part to put them somewhere for consumption.

Now, if you are wondering what all this has to do with Compton. That answer to that is “nothing”, I just always jump at the chance to quote any of the members of NWA, Public Enemy, or other rap/hip hop folks who went big between 1986-1996.

Now, <DRUM ROLL>, my first of many:  Tweets of the Week [Read more…]