How to Use Ofunnel to Get Introductions into Your Target Prospects

Relationships are incredibly important for salespeople to be successful. An observation we made early on was that salespeople had no way of knowing when people in their network were connecting to people that they may want to establish a relationship with—so we created OFunnel to help solve this challenge.

We’re honored to be featured by Craig and are excited to share a little about OFunnel with you.

The scenario:  The process we are about to describe will follow a sales person who has a set of target accounts to sell to. The first thing you do when you are assigned an account is search LinkedIn to see if you have any 1st or 2nd level connections you can use. The next thing you should do is set up your account in OFunnel to follow accounts and potential contacts so you can know of any new connections that you can leverage immediately to get introduced into the account.

Let’s begin!

Step 1: First you sign in to OFunnel

Note: Ofunnel has a Hootsuite app for the Hootsuite users.

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Successful Customer Outreach Through LinkedIn

Today’s post is from Robert Koehler, Sales Product Consultant for LinkedIn Sales Solutions.

At the county fair a few years ago, the carnie running the ‘knock over the lead pins with the baseball’ booth encouraged me to do better: “c’mon, you’re supposed to do more than tickle them!” In my obsession to win a life-size stuffed animal for my son that would sit unused in the corner of his room for years, I yanked our family over to the basketball area. My line drive shots clanged off the heavily fortified steel rim of the Dixie cup sized basket twenty feet above the ground. The evening degenerated into my screaming for my six-year old to beat the four year olds in the ‘shoot water in a hole to reach the top first’ contest so that I could leave with stuffed animal bounty.

This experience reinforced the following:

  • Some games are rigged; be aware before committing your time, money and effort
  • Select situations where you have a better chance of winning
  • Careful targeting is more effective than brute force and velocity
  • A softer arc and approach can sometimes net greater results

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The Guide to Social Selling Strategy: How to Use Social to Crush Your Number

Twitter marketing tactics: A lesson from @GoToMeeting

I am posting on Sunday night because I wanted to write about a tweet. That’s right a tweet. Here it is:

There is a looming BART strike. BART stands for Bay Area Rapid Transit and it takes 500K commuters in a typical day. If they strike which is official at midnight tonight, traffic will be ridiculous. [Read more…]

Customers buy from people not companies: Madlibs with Aseem Badshah

The sales, social, and marketing technology revolution makes life so much fun.I love meeting young upstarts creating value. Aseem Badshah is one of those young guns building cool stuff. He is the founder of Socedo. He is bright, fun to talk to and doing great things. I am very excited to have him as this weeks participant in the Funneholic Madlibs game.
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Competitive content, Twitter pix, and mobile marketing: This week on Twitter

Tweets of the Week is back! What a crazy week on the Funnelholic.  My post on the SFDC acquisition of Exact Target had record traffic and my Friday post from last week had a TON of traffic..including some dudes who misinterpreted what I was trying to do and ripped me.

We have a couple tweets on content marketing:

Blog, blog, blog, blog, blog, blog…it works. If you are one of those people who doubt the need for a blog, don’t worry – I was once with you. I was into content marketing, but just didn’t see the whole blog thing. Now that I have seen real-world examples of blogs driving real inbound marketing results and now that I am blogging regularly and generating leads — I can tell you: IT WORKS. On the other hand, I am increasingly start to think that if you can’t blog regularly – then you should not even have a blog.

— Shelly Kramer (@ShellyKramer) May 14, 2013

This number seems high. If it’s real, I am very encouraged. [Read more…]

The biggest mistake sales people make is selling too early: Madlibs with @Kokasexton

Does Koka Sexton really need an introduction? He is one of the more famous mavens on social selling and social marketing. His fame is well deserved as he is one of the best resources on social smarketing.  As a matter of fact, he just did a great presentation with us on social marketing techniques that everyone should check out.  His Madlibs are below:

  1. The b2b buyer is smarter than most sales people
  2. The biggest innovation in sales is social proximity
  3. The coolest thing happening in b2b sales is lead generation through social media [Read more…]

Social Selling, mobile marketing, and qualified leads — This week on Twitter

It’s been awhile since our last Tweet of the Week segment, lets call this “Tweets of the last couple weeks”. On to it!

7 out of 10 times at an account, the marketing client will say: “Sales will not follow up on my leads!”.  Sometimes it’s communication or process that’s the problem.  Truthfully, sometimes the problem has nothing to do with alignment and all that jive, the leads do actually suck. And actually, it is better for sales to cold call then follow up on these terrible leads.

The b2b buyer can now be the user and decision maker: Madlibs w/ @gretchende

Gretchen Deknikker is an entrepeneur. (How is that for short but to the point) Everything you need to know about her is in this great post on Women 2.0. Here is my take on Gretchen: Funny, brilliant, caffeinated, remarkable, and about to be a pioneer in the social selling space with Social Pandas. Her Madlibs is just like I figured…witty and smart…enjoy

  1. The b2b buyer can now be the user and decision maker. Bottoms up SaaS sales models are increasingly ousting the gatekeepers of yore.
  2. The biggest innovation in sales is – social media (sorry, occupational hazard.)  Sales is the most social department in a company and they’ve got some really cool new toys.
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Funnelholic Redux: More content, social, and blogging learnings from the last 3 months

I wrote a post last Thursday: How I think I increased blog traffic by 500% and other blogging tidbits. A bunch of people asked me questions after reading it, so I chose three and thought I would post my answers.


The question:  What posts work better than others?
I definitely learned a lot about what content works better than others. Here are the rankings:
1. Rich, long, detailed posts — We used to save this type of content for whitepapers, but more people are pushing their best content to the blog.  This type of content works.  For example, check out Kissmetrics Blog, which produces rich blog content DAILY. They produce guides which are written like whitepapers but are on the blog not “behind the gate” in long-form content. I tested this concept in my post: Cold Call, revisted: Best practices for getting in the door. Without a doubt, this post brought the most views, uniques, shares, followers, compliments, and links than any post in my history. [Read more…]