The State of the Funnel in B2B Sales and Marketing

As you might imagine, I kinda like the funnel. It’s actually not a passionate deal for me. I did name myself the funnelholic, but if you don’t like the funnel, so be it. Interestingly, when people bash the funnel when I am around, they like to say: “No offense Craig”. Like I am genetically a funnel. Since we started doing the Madlibs series, I have collected a lot of opinions on funnels from sales and marketing experts. It’s a range. Some people like, some don’t. The results are a fun read. So read on and then give me your take on the funnel in the comments. I am not sure what to make of this photo by FaceMePLS…but it seems to be a dude with a funnel stuck in him




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Customer Obsessed Marketing: Madlibs w/ Nick Bell from @Eloqua

I went to Eloqua Experience last week (but missed Robin Thicke). I wanted to get Eloqua represented on Madlibs leading up the event but managed to send them the information two days before the event. (Nice one Craig!) But here they are! Today’s Madlibs contributor is Nick Bell who is Senior Director of Corporate Marketing and Modern Marketing Expert at Oracle Eloqua. His madlibs after this pretty cool drawing from Laura Dineen

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Seek to know how your buyer thinks: Madlibs w/ @jayhidalgo

Today’s Madlibs guest is Jay Hidalgo. First, a story: I knew Jay’s brother and business partner Carlos for years before I met Jay. The running joke between us was that Jay didn’t exist. For years I accused Carlos of fabricating his existence. Two things have happened since then: (1) I have met Jay and he is one of the greatest guys I know. (2) Since my brother Paul has been running the Funnelholic, Jay can now accuse me of creating a false persona. Ahh, the fun and games of those of us hanging out in the glorious world of b2b sales and marketing. Jay has started a new company, The Barzel Group, and he is coaching marketers to demand generation success. And he is PASSIONATE about what he is doing. It’s fun talking to him about it because he really loves it. Jay and I both love the show Psych so before moving to Madlibs, I thought I would include a Psych shout-out:

Psych, Jay Hidalgo, Funnelholic

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The buyer is starting without you, don’t let them finish without you: Madlibs w/ @garthm

Dude…Guess who is back? Garth Moulton. That’s right. If you knew him, you missed him the last couple of years. Now he’s back and he is building a new company again — Circleback. That’s great for all of us because he is funny and smart as hell. His old blog at Jigsaw was absolutely legit. I hope he is inspired to get back out there and talk/write because he is a welcome addition to the sales-o-sphere. His Madlibs are classic. Check it out after this great picture from Bethany Weeks:sales 2.0, sales technology [Read more…]

There’s no crying in baseball: Sales madlibs w/ @lizasperling

Liza Sperling from ClearSlide is today’s Madlibs participant. Want to know how I met her? I sent out a tweet before the Sales 2.0 conference joking about my “Hugs with Funnelholic” booth. I get a response from some random person wanting to get a hug. I am like — “Ok this person has chutzpah.” I met her at the conference, she demo’d ClearSlide (of course.) I have gotten to know her since then and she is one of those boundless energy types who is passionate about the changing games in both sales and marketing. Great call for Madlibs.

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Move forward in the face of constant no’s: Sales madlibs w/ @heinzmarketing

First a personal note: Trish Bertuzzi recently accused me of having a bromance with Matt Heinz.

Second a business note: We are hosting a Virtual Sales Summit on October 2nd: Quota Busting Strategies from the World’s Best Sales Leaders — Please RSVP NOW. It’s going to be such a great event…Dave Brock, Scott Albro, Anthony Iannarino, Ryan Tognazzini….and surprise, Matt Heinz – Join us!.

Finally, Matt Heinz. Matt did a great Madlibs on marketing a number of months ago. He has been doing great work with sales as well, so I knew he would provide some amazing content on the topic. And he delivered. I have been waiting to put up a Boiler Room image and he provides me the relevant opportunity to do so…After the image: Matt’s Madlibs.

Inside sales, sales

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The first thing every sales person should do is stop talking: Madlibs w/ @damphoux

Mike Damphousse is: controversial, awesome, and a sales and marketing genius. (All rolled in one). He is the CEO of GreenLeads which he founded and built into a global demand generation company. Also, I forgot to mention that he is great to hang out with which I think will shine through with these Madlibs answers. Enjoy this one!

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The biggest myth in sales is that product sells itself: Madlibs w/ Vernon Niven

I can’t believe we didn’t post this Madlibs from Vernon Niven! Thankfully, it’s sales week on the Funnelholic leading up to our webinar Thursday, September 12 at 10AM PDT with sales and marketing genius Matt Heinz:  The 5 Keys to the Successful Modern Sales Organization. In other words, good timing. First let me say: If you don’t know Vernon, hopefully you will now. His Madlibs were awesome. Vernon is the CEO and founder of NeedTagger, a social selling tool build specifically to help sales people find leads on social. Enjoy these Madlibs..they are great. [Read more…]

Content marketing profundity: 18 contributors, 18 great quotes

I have been in a content marketing rush leading up to our virtual summit which I hope you will join! — Keys to Content Marketing Success on August 14 starting at 9am PDT. As I worked on my latest post, I was researching and one of my Madlibs showed up on screen. I realized I was sitting on a library of content. (DUH!).  So, I combined all the answers from Madlibs on content marketing and there is some great stuff. I hope you enjoy…The way this works is: I start the sentence and the contributor finishes the sentence.

In this case it was Content Marketing is…


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