Sales and Marketing Alignment: The Rumble Revisited

The Royal Revenue Rumble webinar is now on-demand on the Funnelholic! We took on a completely different format — Jason Miller moderated/refereed. Justin Gray from LeadMD represented Marketing and I represented Sales. We argued over 10 sales-marketing alignment issues. It was a blast…check it out

Epic Sales Strategies Hiding in your CRM

Editor’s note: Today’s post is from Mike Kamo is the Director of Marketing for Stride. Stride produces great content, check out their blog for proof.

At Stride, we have a unique opportunity to see firsthand what the best salespeople do better.

We have close relationships with a few of our customers and spend a significant amount of time looking at their data. This is to help us in our software development efforts, and along the way we get an insider’s view into what makes a good sales rep.

Below are the top CRM hallmarks we tend to see from top salespeople. If you’re running a sales team, or even if you’re a sales team of one, take a look at the list below and then compare it to your data.

Regardless of which CRM tool you use, if you don’t have all the data points from the list below, you’re probably not selling as effectively as you could be.

sales, sales tips

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How to Use Full Circle CRM to Build Powerful Demand Generation Funnels in Salesforce

Editor’s note: Today’s post is from Bonnie Crater, President and CEO of Full Circle CRM. As you might imagine, posts on funnels are a favorite of mine…Enjoy!

Funnels are great tools for understanding exactly how sales and marketing functions are working – both on their own and together.  At Full Circle CRM we believe that leveraging CRM systems (like Salesforce) is the best way to get the most accurate and complete funnel metrics across your entire demand generation organization. Salesforce tracks a ton of response information from both your sales and marketing efforts and provides some great insight into your overall demand generation health. With Full Circle CRM’s native Salesforce Marketing Performance Management application added on top of your Salesforce instance you are able to get a more complete picture of the key metrics your funnels are tracking to truly understand how your overall demand generation efforts are performing.

Let’s take dive a little deeper into how to leverage Full Circle CRM to get the most out of your demand generation funnels in Salesforce.

Step 1: Define Your KPIs

The first step of building out any report is determining what exactly you are trying to measure.  The same is true with your demand generation funnels.  KPIs can be anything from generating a particular number of MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads) to having a specific amount of days it takes responses to move all the way through funnel (aka velocity) to having sales accept 50% of the leads that marketing sends over (conversion rates). These are going to be different for each company but with Full Circle CRM enhancing Salesforce’s ability to track critical performance metrics at a granular level you can easily set up reports in the standard reporting UI to track these across any category that is relevant to your business.

Step 2: Assess Baseline Metrics

The key metrics that we find are the most helpful to track are the volume, conversion rates, and velocity of your funnels. Volume tracks the sheer amount of responses that are being generated and is a critical metric helping you determine if you are generating enough raw leads to hit your revenue goals. Conversion rates show the quality of the responses and how effective your organization is at transitioning responses between different funnel stages or departments.  Velocity shows how quickly responses move through the funnel and is an important metrics for finding and eliminating bottlenecks in your processes.

conversion rates, demand generation

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The importance of clean data in your sales and marketing programs

More fun for data week on the Funnelholic. Remember, we are deep diving on the topic on a webinar this Wednesday, Sep 18 2013 at 9am: The Impact of Dirty Data on Marketing ROI and How to Avoid It. Join us because the issue is critical.

Today’s post is from Justin Gray, the CEO of LeadMD. Why Justin? Because they have done 100’s or marketing programs and have found a consistent theme — dirty data can destroy the best intentions in marketing. He pounds his fist on the table on this issue. Oh and he is really smart and a great writer so I am honored to have him tackle the topic.

Before you read on, enjoy this photo from emilydickinsonridesabmx.

data cleanse, dirty data

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Trends in sales management: An interview w/ @HeinzMarketing

The buyer is changing and making selling more difficult than ever, but at the same time, sales is in a renaissance with new, innovative approaches such as content selling, social selling and technology. On September 12 at 10AM PDT Matt Heinz and I are going to talk about some of the trends and best practices we are seeing in sales management. I am very excited — Join US! — Click here to RSVP.  In preparation for the event, we asked Matt some questions on the current state of sales management. As usual, his answers are awesome. I recommend to everyone in sales and/or marketing to follow Matt. In honor of Matt, today’s picture is a of Seattle where Matt calls home. Enjoy this shot from Runner310 and then read on:

Sales Management

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The first thing every sales person should do is listen to Jay-Z, then hit it: Madlibs w/ the Funnelholic

We have been doing Madlibs now for months. It’s been really cool getting thought leaders to contribute their versions.  My buddy Dennis Shiao once nicely wrote to me: “Madlibs is awesome but we don’t get to hear from you.” Ok Dennis, it’s on! Today I am doing the sales version of Madlibs and will do the marketing version later this week. Enjoy!Sales tips


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Your buyer is your best teacher: Madlibs with @Simon_Blackburn

I first met Simon Blackburn when he ran sales for Connect and Sell. He is now on his own and ready for this — actually has one of the best blogs on sales technology right now on the internet. Seriously. He worked with a ton of sales organizations over his time and came away with an understanding of the sales technology landscape and how organizations can make sales technology successful. He has some great takes on his Madlibs — I hope you enjoy [Read more…]

The Impact of’s acquisition of Exact Target: The Experts Weigh In

Well, that is big news!  If you haven’t been following, just bought Exact Target for $2.4 bill.  Once you are done picking your self off the floor, read this post. I asked some of the people I respect their opinions on the acquisition.
Please note: I plan to continue to update this post as people “roll in” with their opinion. Put your opinion in the comments box too..

Here we go!

Brian Vellmure
Independent Analyst

It took about 18 months longer than expected, but Salesforce finally filled a hole in its marketing cloud with marketing automation capabilities. I didn’t necessarily see ExactTarget coming as Marketo was was being mentioned in most circles once Oracle scooped up Eloqua.

With ExactTarget, Salesforce picks up a company with a large install base with at least twice the revenue of Marketo and for likely less than twice the multiple of trailing twelve months revenue. In short, it was simply a better deal. [Read more…]

Two blog posts I enjoyed so much I had to immortalize them on my blog

Content flys across our screen and then “poof” – it disappears. That is why I am in love with my Tweets of the Week posts. Those posts get decent traffic but the real reason I love doing it is to just keep this great content somewhere.  Social media gives you 5 minutes to catch everyone’s attention with your content and then you are out of the picture.  So, I try to save things…Today, I am sharing a couple posts that have been sitting in my instapaper because I thought they were great.  Enjoy, I did.

Salesforce’s Disruptor Won’t be a CRM Company
The first great post was from Tomasz Tunguz from Redpoint Ventures. I have been working with Lattice Engines and Radius Intelligence so I have been become more and more intrigued by big data and sales.   Five minutes ago, we just provided sales with a list of names to call.  Now and in the future, we will provide sales data on who to call, when to call, why to call, and what to say.  From Tomasz: [Read more…]