Twitter marketing tactics: A lesson from @GoToMeeting

I am posting on Sunday night because I wanted to write about a tweet. That’s right a tweet. Here it is:

There is a looming BART strike. BART stands for Bay Area Rapid Transit and it takes 500K commuters in a typical day. If they strike which is official at midnight tonight, traffic will be ridiculous. [Read more…]

Fun marketing tactics from @Linkedin, @Marketo, @Desk

Doesn’t it feel like marketing is getting fun and creative again these days?

A brief history: Marketing was all “arts and crafts”, then marketing automation came along and we had to get serious and all techno-sized, and now that the “Competitive Content” era is upon us…we are executing fun, out-of-the-box campaigns/ideas to try to stand out in the crowd. Marketing is getting fun again.

Here are some fun ones:

Memorable marketing tactic number #1: The LinkedIn Summer Sales Guide.
Koka Sexton from LinkedIn reached out to sales leaders and influencers and asked us for our favorite books, movies, tv shows that we recommended for sales people. Turned out to be a pretty cool viral piece. Influencers tweeted it like crazy and it’s an easy, fun read.

B2B Marketing is starting to resemble B2C Marketing: Madlibs with @jchernov

Joe Chernov – If they write books on b2b marketing from 2006 on, he will be in it. In the book that will be written on marketing automation, Joe will be in there. His public battles with Marketo were classic but he was really one of the faces of Eloqua and his role of thought leader was important to their brand. He will be featured in the b2b content marketing book as well. He was pioneer in bringing design, readability, and cadence to the b2b content game. He also was part of the team that hired a journalist, Jesse Noyes, to run the blog. Now, you see that recommendation all the time. With that, here he is – -Joe Chernov: [Read more…]

Content Marketing: Inform and delight not interrupt and annoy. Madlibs with @tobymurdock

I love all the entrepreneurs out there creating applications to manage the various aspects of marketing and sales.  Toby Murdock is one of those guys — He is the founder and CEO of Kapost, which provides content marketing software.  Content marketing is a great market to be in. I am very excited to see what happens with Kapost. Toby is very smart and very humble. He is literally at EVERY marketing event these days so go up and talk to him — I guarantee you will be learn something new.

Oh, and I am very excited for his Madlibs which are below. [Read more…]

Social Media Marketing that Drives Demand: #Demand2013 feat @Kokasexton

Viewers can watch this webinar featuring @Kokasexton live on May 15th at 11AM PDT or watch on demand from this window. Hashtag is #Demand2013

Sales training fails, the skills gap and banner ads: This week on Twitter

According to the American Society of Training and Development (ASTD), American companies spend about $20 billion a year on sales training. If I dust off my pocket calculator, that means that $15 billion a year is wasted on sales training. That’s brutal. It’s not sales training that’s the problem because training is one of the most important things you can do for your sales team. Often sales training fails because it is a one-time event with very little commitment and follow-up. Sales training works when it is implemented after a strategy is set and sales executives are bought off and committed. Then consistent coaching follows the training strategy and you win.

The best email campaign that no one knows realizes is an email campaign via @Linkedin

Here is my MadLib:  You know email is NOT dead when…

  • LinkedIN has been using emails to bring me back to their site for years.
  • Social media impresario Chris Brogan’s website is optimized to convert people to email subscribers.
  • Everyone and their mom is doing pop-up boxes and light boxes on their websites to get your email address. [Read more…]

More evidence the traditional “white” paper is toast: The Kapost Comic Book

The other night Jill Rowley called me and said: “I read your post on the demise of the whitepaper, those examples were great.  But have you seen the Kapost comic book?”  So I went and downloaded it.  It’s awesome.  I don’t want to bore you with more rantings about old pamphlet-ware versus the remarkable content of today.  Just check it out.  There are some really original elements such as  thought leader superheroes and comic-strip styles graphics.  And of course, the content is valuable and helpful.   It sure is fun to be marketed to these days.

comic book

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Having fun doing b2b sales and marketing. Exhibit A: The Harlem Shake

I am working late into the night on a couple ebooks so I like to take youtube breaks.  That has led me to the Harlem Shake.  I can’t stop watching it.  If you want to know more about how the Harlem Shake started, etc…read the wikipedia entry (seriously, its pretty thorough).
If you can’t tell by now, I love giving examples of how b2b marketing is trying to have fun these days.  With that in mind, I found a couple Harlem Shake videos from b2b folks…Videos like this would never have existed a couple years ago.  The main point I think is b2b is trying to have fun for once.  They got me to watch it. [Read more…]

The welcome demise of the “white” paper

When I think of the phrase “white paper”, I think of a paper with lots of white in it and whole lot of boring.  Here are the words that come to mind:

  • Boring
  • Dry
  • Lots of typing, a logo, and maybe some diagrams
  • Written by Product Marketing
  • Edited 1800 times to support product messaging
  • Written to look like is not self-serving which makes it even more self-serving [Read more…]