What Every Marketer Should Learn From Weird Al

Editor’s note: Today’s post is from Docket CEO Jason Wesbecher. This will be Jason’s fourth post on the Funnelholic. If you like the post, please vote for Jason to give a talk about the marketing savvy of Weird Al at this year’s SXSW Interactive conference; you can vote here.

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The web should have made Weird Al Yankovic irrelevant years ago. When the Internet killed the video star, much of Weird Al’s source material evaporated. Without Beat It or Like a Virgin playing in heavy rotation on MTV in the 1980s, how could Eat It or Like a Surgeon possibly exist? [Read more…]

We Used this Video as our Webinar Reminder and It’s Awesome

As we prepared to produce the Funnelholic Virtual Sales Summit, Andrew Angus from Switch Video came to us and said: “I have something really cool we want to do for the reminder email.” Keep in mind, we are always looking for marketing innovation and especially online event innovation. So, of course, we said “Yes, yes, and yes”.

And it’s awesome. Basically, Andrew’s team created a video reminder for the event which is already awesome but it takes the person’s name and company and automatically inserts it into the video. Bingo! Personalization!! If you signed up, you will get yours in an hour.

I see some many other use cases for this solution — personalized product/explainer videos for sales (personalized animated email follow-up or more — you can animate a lot of the sales process), lead follow up for marketing (lead comes in and send personalized video), the list goes on and on. I love it and people love short, entertaining videos. Check out and thank Switch Video when you get a chance or contact Andrew yourself…

And the video:

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How To Create A Sales Email Newsletter In Minutes

Last month I was fortunate enough to sell the internet phone company I co-founded to Vonage. As Vocalocity rebrands itself as Vonage Small Business, Vonage will increasingly come to realize how it has acquired a sales machine.

Funnily enough though I do not attribute our success to developing fancy online phone technology (which we did) but instead from a very early stage we built a killer lead nurturing process and coupled it with a highly efficient inside sales process that closed business hand over fist. Major props must go to Mr @funnelholic, Craig Rosenberg, who helped us pull together our sales funnel from day-one.

So, what does all this have to do with the sometimes non-sexy subject of email marketing?

Well, having built something in Vocalocity where a core mantra was to sell-sell-close this has somewhat changed with my latest venture Flashissue. Instead, I find myself preaching an unlikely message: stop selling. In turn, I could have easily titled this post

“How to stop selling and still win business in 5 easy steps”

I wanted to do something very simple with Flashissue, make it mind blowingly easy and fast to create a sales email newsletter. My goal was to build it for me, the individual – aka the sales person – and not the full-time marketing manager. [Read more…]

How to Get Started with Content Marketing

Craig asked me to give him a post about ‘Getting Started with Content Marketing’ so immediately, I set about thinking about all of the steps necessary to begin creating great content: aligning it to the buyers needs, establishing trust through operationalized nurture and measuring those results.  Then I trashed it.  People don’t have a problem ‘starting’ anything – they have a problem finishing it – and content marketing is no different.

So then, what’s the key to actually hitting the ground with some good targeted content and diving into the deep end of this process that we call content marketing?  Starting, and finishing, one thing at a time.  That’s it.  I prescribe heavily to a methodology that many, many people are familiar with, but few execute well – it’s called “Getting Things Done” or GTD.  It started as a theory, resulting in a book and has materialized in hundreds of enablement tools from coaches to software to cheat sheets and, well, I guess this blog post.  The book, Getting Things Done®by David Allen really did change my life – and I’m not even particularly good at it.  I try to be.  Let’s say it’s a work in progress – but so is Content Marketing and that’s the key here. [Read more…]

Content marketing ROI: War stories from the front lines

Content marketing is the movement dujour across b2b and b2c which is why we have decided to create a content marketing virtual summit on August 14 from 9-1pm PDT that I know will be awesome — Content Marketing Summit. Paul (our editor) has put together an amazing event with expert speakers like Ardath Albee, Tony Zambito, Justin Gray, and Toby Murdock. The topics will start from the creation of buyer personas to-translating buyer personas to action-to-creating a content marketing organization-to-distribution. I hope you join.

Back to business. The question I have been getting lately is: How do I justify content marketing? (aka ROI)

This is important: We have called out content marketing as its own movement, but in reality content marketing is part of everything you do in sales and marketing lifecycle. It is an approach — You are creating content that the buyer actually wants to consume. It’s that simple. The content you create should be designed to have a direct impact on your core revenue driving activities such as inbound marketing, demand generation, lead nurturing, social marketing, selling and closing. To me, content marketing ROI should be tracked against the metrics you track in your overall revenue machine. When done correctly, content marketing should drive the metrics you are already tracking such as visits, leads, and revenue. If you are viewing content marketing as it’s own “thing”, then you are back in “arts and crafts” class and creating content for the sake of creating content.

Net-net: Content marketing should be driving higher conversions on your entires revenue machine. That being said, here are some examples of content working wonders on the front lines: [Read more…]

Building a Successful Content Marketing Organization feat @TobyMurdock

Hear more from Toby at the Funnelholic Content Marketing Summit on August 14th! Click here to RSVP: knowledge.funnelholic.com/contentsummit/