How to Create a Lead Nurturing Campaign Guaranteed NOT to Deliver Results

Backstory: I asked Matt Heinz to write a post on lead nurturing. He told me to look at some posts on the Heinz Marketing blog and I found 10 steps to a terrible lead nurture campaign. I enjoyed it, it was funnelholic-esque but I didn’t want Matt or the author Nichole McIntyre to do any work. So, instead, I took my favorites from the post and added some commentary.

I am about to go on a content rush on lead nurturing. We are hosting a webinar on the topic on December 4 at 10AM pacific with Mary Firme from Reachforce and Justin Gray from LeadMD: 7 Steps to Put your Lead Nurturing on Steroids. Overall, I am glad we get to talk about lead nurturing again. When marketing automation first came to market, it was all any was talking about. Now, the amount of content created on the topic has dimmed a bit. That’s a mistake. Now is the best time to talk about the lead nurturing process. We have learned a ton over the last couple years about what works and doesn’t work, but more importantly, we have learned that when done right, it is a game-changer for demand generation ROI.

Before we move on to the content, please enjoy this picture from grahamc99 — I chose it in honor of Nichole’s original title: “10 steps to a terrible lead nurture campaign.” Whenever, I think terrible, I think of Terrible’s casino for some reason. Whatever.

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Customer Obsessed Marketing: Madlibs w/ Nick Bell from @Eloqua

I went to Eloqua Experience last week (but missed Robin Thicke). I wanted to get Eloqua represented on Madlibs leading up the event but managed to send them the information two days before the event. (Nice one Craig!) But here they are! Today’s Madlibs contributor is Nick Bell who is Senior Director of Corporate Marketing and Modern Marketing Expert at Oracle Eloqua. His madlibs after this pretty cool drawing from Laura Dineen

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The importance of clean data in your sales and marketing programs

More fun for data week on the Funnelholic. Remember, we are deep diving on the topic on a webinar this Wednesday, Sep 18 2013 at 9am: The Impact of Dirty Data on Marketing ROI and How to Avoid It. Join us because the issue is critical.

Today’s post is from Justin Gray, the CEO of LeadMD. Why Justin? Because they have done 100’s or marketing programs and have found a consistent theme — dirty data can destroy the best intentions in marketing. He pounds his fist on the table on this issue. Oh and he is really smart and a great writer so I am honored to have him tackle the topic.

Before you read on, enjoy this photo from emilydickinsonridesabmx.

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The problem of dirty data and why every sales and marketing leader should care

It’s dirty data week on the Funnelholic.  And in honor of this theme, we have webinar this Wednesday, Sep 18 2013: The Impact of Dirty Data on Marketing ROI and How to Avoid It.

Today’s post is from Brian Hansford, a Director with Heinz Marketing. He is a passionate about the need for clean data. (I mean PASSIONATE). He is the perfect guy to talk about the topic. Enjoy the content after this “dirty data” pic from Duncan Hull.

data cleanse, marketing data

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Operationalizing content: How @myleadmd maps content to the lead management process

If you like this — hear more from Justin on August 14th at 11 AM PDT at the Keys to Content Marketing Success summit –

Building a Successful Content Marketing Organization feat @TobyMurdock

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Three sales and marketing predictions that probably won’t come true

I didn’t do a predictions post this year. (actually I am not sure I ever have)…The goal of this post was to get a couple things I have been thinking about out on the table. (which would not have been a very catchy title).  I also am currently writing blog posts about all four

1.  In 2 years desk phones will no longer have the inbound call feature — That’s right, they will just turn it off.  I am not even sure why you need it now.  Cell phones, email, social will all be the tools of the outbound marketer. Inbound marketing will be the absolute “must” overall.  We will have to buyers raise their hands to get to them quickly and in a meaningful way. [Read more…]