How to Use @ClearSlide to Deliver an Engaging, Winning Sales Presentation

Today’s guest post is from Liza Sperling from ClearSlide. The “how-to” series on the Funnelholic has done really well and Clearslide has a lot of buzz. It’s a great match! BTW, Liza is like a ball of energy if you ever get the chance to meet her.

It’s go time. After weeks of research, emails and phone calls, it’s time for the sales presentation. Whether you are presenting virtually or face to face, sales presentations can feel more like a land mine than an opportunity, but presentations are a more critical part of the sales process than ever. As Forrester‘s Lori Wizdo explains, buyers now spend anywhere from two thirds to 90% of the sales process on their research before reaching out to a vendor. That means sellers need to take their presentations to another level to leverage the narrow window of opportunity and engage a far more educated buyer. Follow these ten steps, and you’ll be in great shape.

1. Maximize your selling time by minimizing technical issues.

Don’t spend your time troubleshooting technical issues or dodging firewalls or worse yet, have your prospect spend their time with these issues. A link-based presentation platform will help you avoid download snafus. All attendees need is a browser and a link to join the presentation – that’s it. ClearSlide’s technology is seamless, so that you can focus on one thing: engaging your audience.ClearSlide1

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Top 50 Content Marketing Posts of 2013 from @sharebloc

I was not as good as others at wrapping up the year BEFORE the end of the year. We are working so hard at TOPO that I needed time to sleep and be with my family. With that in mind, today’s post was supposed to go out last week but since everyone was out of the office anyway, I figured I was safe.

This post contains the results of the ShareBloc Top 50 Content Marketing Posts of 2013. ShareBloc ran the contest from December 3 to December 17, 2013. The contest received 7,678 votes and narrowed 175 nominations to the top 50.  The content was a mix of sales and marketing and without a doubt showcased some of the best work created in 2013. Here is a link for the official page of the ShareBloc content winners. See the list below…

content marketing, marketing, sales

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Social selling, content selling, and content marketing

Last night at dinner, my mom said to me: “I watched your videos on the eCornell site, you need to lost 10 pounds.” I also noticed that I have grey hair. Nonetheless, I enjoyed filming these videos and took on some topics near and dear to my heart.

What is REVTalks?

The Funnelholic is a media sponsor for a new, upcoming event for marketers: REVTalks in San Francisco on January 27th, 2014.  36 great speakers. (Yes, 36). What we liked was the number of practitioners that are speaking. For me personally, practitioners means great content. (If you have ever heard Meagan Eisenberg you will know what I am talking about. She is always doing some forward-looking marketing) These are the people that have to do it not just talk about it. I asked Debbie Qaqish from Pedowitz Group 7 questions about the event which we present to you in this post. Enjoy!revenue marketing

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Newsjacking: The Funnelholic Guide to the B2B Newsjack

Two weeks, I created a post about Joe Chernov joining Hubspot.  When I did, Jesse Noyes from Kapost wrote me an email that said: “Nice newsjack”. I literally had no idea what newsjacking was so I had to Google it. Not surprising Hubspot ranks first for the keyword “newsjack” and they have a great “how-to” post on the topic from Cory Eridon. Here is their definition of newsjacking:

Newsjacking refers to the practice of capitalizing on the popularity of a news story to amplify your sales and marketing success. The term was popularized due to David Meerman Scott’s book Newsjacking: How to Inject Your Ideas into a Breaking News Story and Generate Tons of Media Coverage . Basically, news is breaking every second in this crazy world of ours, and there’s a point at which marketers have a unique opportunity to ride the popularity wave of a breaking story to benefit their business in some way. Now, the popularity dies down pretty quickly — perhaps in hours, usually in days, if you’re lucky, in weeks — but the impact of seizing the story early to benefit your business is big … especially compared to the effort you had to put in to get in on the action.

To sum it up:

  1. News story breaks
  2. You post up content related to the story as soon as possible to capitalize.

And there you have the “newsjack”.

I love the term “newsjacking” so I am in. I even considered titling this post “Newsjack City” so I could get a picture of Wesley Snipes from New Jack City…On second thought, I did anyway:Content marketing, blogging

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How To Create A Sales Email Newsletter In Minutes

Last month I was fortunate enough to sell the internet phone company I co-founded to Vonage. As Vocalocity rebrands itself as Vonage Small Business, Vonage will increasingly come to realize how it has acquired a sales machine.

Funnily enough though I do not attribute our success to developing fancy online phone technology (which we did) but instead from a very early stage we built a killer lead nurturing process and coupled it with a highly efficient inside sales process that closed business hand over fist. Major props must go to Mr @funnelholic, Craig Rosenberg, who helped us pull together our sales funnel from day-one.

So, what does all this have to do with the sometimes non-sexy subject of email marketing?

Well, having built something in Vocalocity where a core mantra was to sell-sell-close this has somewhat changed with my latest venture Flashissue. Instead, I find myself preaching an unlikely message: stop selling. In turn, I could have easily titled this post

“How to stop selling and still win business in 5 easy steps”

I wanted to do something very simple with Flashissue, make it mind blowingly easy and fast to create a sales email newsletter. My goal was to build it for me, the individual – aka the sales person – and not the full-time marketing manager. [Read more…]

7 Steps to Put Your Lead Nurturing on Steroids

A Post About Lead Nurturing That I Enjoyed Writing

Have I mentioned that we are hosting a lead nurturing webinar on December 4 at 10AM pacific with Mary Firme from Reachforce and Justin Gray from LeadMD? With lead nurturing, we are well past the “why” and are all ready for the “how”…join us to learn: 7 Steps to Put your Lead Nurturing on Steroids.

No, but really. I love when I go bonkers on a topic for a couple weeks. It lets my sink my teeth into it. We have recently had a couple great posts on the topic:

I have been dwelling on the topic and I need a break from other content so I am live streaming the things in my head. But first an image. I wanted something related to point #5 below, and found this image from Tom Henrich.

Sales nurturing, lead management

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Re-start your Engines: My Man @Jchernov to @Hubspot

I have written in the past how the marketing automation now marketing software market has changed and that I longed for the days of big news, public spats, and gossip. One of my most visited posts was Ridiculous Ramblings about the Marketing Automation Market. (Twitter counter is broken so don’t be deceived by the number of tweets)

It got boring….but maybe the fun is back: Hubspot announced that Joe Chernov will be joining their team as the VP of Content. To start the fun, they did a really creative announcement ala a baseball free agent signing. (Love that)

Joe and I had a great time when he was with Eloqua. His tenure marked my favorite times in the marketing automation now marketing software space. He is such a passionate guy who just isn’t afraid to fight for what he thinks is right. He is so Boston. (compliment). I was going to say he is a fighter. (Marketo may agree) But to describe Joe as a fighter doesn’t paint the right picture. Yes, he had public spats but it wasn’t for show. It was because he believed he was right. It was fun and uncomfortable at the same time. I certainly didn’t agree with him on everything but I loved DM’ing back and forth with him. I missed him from the marketing space. But he is back and he joins Hubspot which means we will see and hear him again.

Welcome back dude. Or as Denzel Washington might say: “My man…”

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Lead Nurturing Lessons from the Street: What @jillkonrath taught me and didn’t even know it

Backstory: A couple months ago, we ran a sales summit. We got a ton of registrations. Our main source was none other than Jill Konrath. When my brother went through the traffic numbers, I was floored by how well Jill’s email did for the event. Great people, insane conversion rates on click through and form conversion. So I looked into it and there are some very simple lessons you can take from her.

Backstory II: I was trading emails with her recently and asked from permission to talk about her email campaign. She was shocked that I wanted to write about it. Of course, she wanted a preview but I told her she couldn’t have one. (Truth is, I hadn’t written it yet). The moral of the story is she is just doing her thing and cranking away. And it works. Lesson #1: If you just keep it real and try to do right by your community, you will be successful.

Backstory  III: I am big into lead nurturing right now. We are hosting a lead nurturing webinar on December 4 at 10AM pacific with Mary Firme from Reachforce and Justin Gray from LeadMD: 7 Steps to Put your Lead Nurturing on Steroids. Join us to hear more stories.

Okay, lets talk about the lessons learned. First, check out her site. Look at some of the content. Then read below. Four lessons learned about lead nurturing from Jill Konrath:

1. She has built a loyal, dedicated following — More on this in a moment, but her newsletter list is incredibly engaged with her. How do I know? How about 40-50% click through rate. Ridiculously amazing. Go to number 2 below to understand why:

2. She provides an endless supply of free content — Her content is made up of useful, helpful tips fed to her community on a consistent basis. That IS content marketing. . Go look at the content, it’s information sales people can go use right now. In nearly every piece of content she creates, she adds value for her target market: sales leaders and individual contributors.. Books, ebooks, video, blog posts. Everything is for them. The end result is she has become a trusted, reliable source of information for the sales community. Thus, the loyal following.

3. She keeps them consistently engaged via email — Ok, lots of people do email and many people nurture well. But, a lot of emailers only send offers and send them once in awhile. Jill sends some valuable piece of information every three-four days. If you are in sales, you want to open her email. Part of success in lead nurturing means staying engaged with your buyer  over a sustained period of time until they are ready to buy. Her audience is being nurtured…AND THEY LIKE IT! She has made her email a must-read for her audience. That is a big win. [Read more…]