The Buying Experience: 10 Ways for Sales to Deliver What Your Buyer Wants

What we have here is the transcript from the webinar: “10 Ways Sales Can Deliver a Great Buying Experience” featuring Scott Albro, CEO of TOPO moderated by Megan Toohey, Digital Content Manager of AG Salesworks. First a warning, transcripts are hard because people don’t talk the way they write. I am constantly trying to edit this post on the fly…Nonetheless, its a great webinar and a great read. I suggest you check it out. First, here is the webinar:

Secondly, here is the transcript:

Slide 1:

Megan Toohey: Morning. Thank you for joining us today. Welcome to sales summit brought to you by the funnelholic. You have joined Scott Albro presentation 10 Ways Sales Can Deliver a Great Buying Experience. [Read more…]