The Amazing Rethink Happening in Sales Management

Sales leadership, sales 2.0Dear Funnelholic Readers:

If you follow the blog, a couple weeks ago you may have seen the release of one of my labors of love: The CMO’s Guide to Technology. Well, you may not have known this, but I also worked on an ebook for sales: The Ultimate Guide to Modern Sales Management. That’s right, it’s out and it is awesome.

These two ebook projects have been overwhelming and exhausting, but I could not be happier with the product we ended up with. I certainly hope you are too.

There are a lot of thanks to go around. In honor of the Oscars, here is my acceptance speech:

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Google Apps Calendar Hack: How to Let Prospects and Customers Schedule Time on Your Calendar

Editor’s Note: Today’s guest author Aaron Diek figured out a hack to turn his Google Apps Calendar into a appointment scheduler. Pretty awesome.  

This article explains how to use Google Apps Calendar to avoid the problem of having to go back and forth to schedule a meeting.  Nothing’s worse than offering a meeting time, not hearing back for a day or two or three, and then having the person accept it, only to realize you’ve booked someone else in the mean time.

My signature line looks like this:

1sig line

This signature makes it easy for other Google users to schedule directly on my calendar.  When they click schedule an appointment, they’re taken to my calendar with the list of possible appointments they can book.

Once it’s booked, an invite is sent to both of us.  Let’s show you how it’s done: [Read more…]

The importance of clean data in your sales and marketing programs

More fun for data week on the Funnelholic. Remember, we are deep diving on the topic on a webinar this Wednesday, Sep 18 2013 at 9am: The Impact of Dirty Data on Marketing ROI and How to Avoid It. Join us because the issue is critical.

Today’s post is from Justin Gray, the CEO of LeadMD. Why Justin? Because they have done 100’s or marketing programs and have found a consistent theme — dirty data can destroy the best intentions in marketing. He pounds his fist on the table on this issue. Oh and he is really smart and a great writer so I am honored to have him tackle the topic.

Before you read on, enjoy this photo from emilydickinsonridesabmx.

data cleanse, dirty data

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The problem of dirty data and why every sales and marketing leader should care

It’s dirty data week on the Funnelholic.  And in honor of this theme, we have webinar this Wednesday, Sep 18 2013: The Impact of Dirty Data on Marketing ROI and How to Avoid It.

Today’s post is from Brian Hansford, a Director with Heinz Marketing. He is a passionate about the need for clean data. (I mean PASSIONATE). He is the perfect guy to talk about the topic. Enjoy the content after this “dirty data” pic from Duncan Hull.

data cleanse, marketing data

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The first thing every sales person should do is listen to Jay-Z, then hit it: Madlibs w/ the Funnelholic

We have been doing Madlibs now for months. It’s been really cool getting thought leaders to contribute their versions.  My buddy Dennis Shiao once nicely wrote to me: “Madlibs is awesome but we don’t get to hear from you.” Ok Dennis, it’s on! Today I am doing the sales version of Madlibs and will do the marketing version later this week. Enjoy!Sales tips


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Content marketing is the foundation of all marketing efforts: Madlibs with @AmandaMaks

Amanda Maksymiw is a rising star in the content marketing world. Correction, she has already risen – she is a star. Not just a thought leader, but a practitioner. The kind of person who doesn’t just talk about it, she does it. She got internet-fabulous with her work at OpenView Venture Partners and is now helping put Lattice Engines on the map. I hope you enjoy her Madlibs…here we go: [Read more…]

Your buyer is your best teacher: Madlibs with @Simon_Blackburn

I first met Simon Blackburn when he ran sales for Connect and Sell. He is now on his own and ready for this — actually has one of the best blogs on sales technology right now on the internet. Seriously. He worked with a ton of sales organizations over his time and came away with an understanding of the sales technology landscape and how organizations can make sales technology successful. He has some great takes on his Madlibs — I hope you enjoy [Read more…]

Three sales and marketing predictions that probably won’t come true

I didn’t do a predictions post this year. (actually I am not sure I ever have)…The goal of this post was to get a couple things I have been thinking about out on the table. (which would not have been a very catchy title).  I also am currently writing blog posts about all four

1.  In 2 years desk phones will no longer have the inbound call feature — That’s right, they will just turn it off.  I am not even sure why you need it now.  Cell phones, email, social will all be the tools of the outbound marketer. Inbound marketing will be the absolute “must” overall.  We will have to buyers raise their hands to get to them quickly and in a meaningful way. [Read more…]

Marketing to the SMB: How SMBs use social and why marketers should care feat @johnsjawn

Marketing to small businesses used to be a “spray and pray” game. In this short video segment, John Hurley from Radius Intelligence talks about the importance of social media for SMBs and how marketers are using social data to be more effective

We are hosting a Demand Generation Summit with Radius Intelligence, join here:

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