About the Funnelholic

9 Things you Need to Know about the Funnelholic
  1. My name is Craig Rosenberg and the Funnelholic is the name of my blog and my Twitter handle.
  2. But the blog has become a place for many great writers to submit guest posts.
  3. I write sometimes when I am not writing on the TOPO blog.
  4. Just keep in mind, the blog is not an endorsement of products or recommendations being made. If I didn’t write it, it’s the author’s opinion not mine. (Important)
  5. I am the co-founder and Chief Analyst of TOPO.
  6. TOPO  is a research, advisory, and consulting firm that helps sales and marketing organizations exceed their revenue targets.
  7. You can check out my profile on my linkedin.com
  8. Oh, and I would follow me on Twitter, all the cool kids to do it.
  9. If you want to reach me, sign up here.