23 Reasons You Must Attend the #TOPOSummit

Craig Rosenberg, Sales, Andrew McGuire, Las Nilsson, Dennis Lyandres, Charles Lawson

Featured in the pic are Summit speakers Andrew McGuire, Charles Lawson, Me, Lars Nilsson, Dennis Lyandres

Our first sales conference is coming up – the TOPO Sales Summit on April 7-8th. If you don’t want to read anymore and sign up – please go ahead – http://topohq.com/summit/

It has been a labor of love to say the least – and I am so excited on how it is shaping up…I am smiling right now as I write this. I just want everyone to come. With that in mind, I hope you will allow me to write a completely promotional post but one that I tried to write with a smile.

When you are done reading this – sign up.

23 Reasons to Attend the 2016 #TOPOSummit:

  1. The best sales leaders in the world will be attending and speaking
  2. The best companies in the world will be attending and speaking
  3. There will be something for everyone: sales, sales tech/operations, sales development, and sales effectiveness tracks
  4. We will keep it real. All speakers are operators
  5. No pay to play – no vendor speakers
  6. No bloggers, authors, etc. (Nothing against bloggers and authors because I am one – we just want current front line experience)Predictive Analytics
  7. Well, there is an exception – the keynote – Jeff Ma, but he is the bomb.
  8. Jeff was the leader of the MIT card counting team featured in the book, Bringing Down the House, which was the basis of the movie, 21
  9. He is also on ESPN all the time (I like sports)
  10. And is big on data-driven, predictive decisions
  11. Just remember, we want content that will actually help you, which is why we believe…
  12. Specificity wins – we ask all our speakers to provide specifics on how they operate their business
  13. No fluff like “10 ways to Cold Call Like Justin Bieber!” (Sorry Fans of Bieber-related content)
  14. Instead, speakers will focus on topics that matter like “Selling into Vertical Markets”
  15. And because of this philosophy, you will learn something you can use right away
  16. Remember when I said the world’s best sales leaders and companies will be there?
  17. That means you will leave the conference with at least 10 new contacts to share insights with
  18. Did I mention DJ Khaled will be there? (Just kidding) Sorry…
  19. The sponsors are killer – you will probably find the next sales technology to change your business
  20. My mom and dad will be there and they paid to get in
  21. We will have fun – the mark of a great conference is the learnings…and yes, the party. It’s on
  22. I will hug you when I see you (Some dudes I might give a hearty handshake or a “bro-hug”)
  23. No other conference has great gifs like the one above and this one

Craig Rosenberg

I cannot wait for this. Lets do it.

Sign up here, I’ll meet you there – http://topohq.com/summit/