• Joe Caprio

    Long live the data driven tech stack. @Andrew, was your goal to remove any possible excuses from your BDR team?

    • Yes. I get very bored of excuses and mostly they are the outcome of poor process. The Infer team used to complain, under our new plan they are confident and trust the system. It is a dream to manage.

  • patrick

    @switchmarketing:disqus I like the model and we are doing something similar. You say you call your leads within five minutes which is something we also want to do, however, at that point we really only have demographic data to go on. In your world does the five minutes start once they fill out your first form or once you have enough engagement data to properly score them A or B?

    • Hey Patrick. We score the leads in less than 60 seconds. We are using demographic, firmographic and technographic info rather then engagement data. So we can act based on the A or B score very quickly. http://www.infer.com goes into more on how that works.

  • Francis

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  • Alfred Philip Ademola

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