• Jeffery Moder

    Great article! The “intersection of digital with human interaction” that you mention is critical. If the buyer sees continuity between the two, it builds confidence in the seller’s solution Inconsistency in the process diminishes confidence. Too often, marketing and sales teams don’t spend enough time together to truly understand the buying journey and how their solution addresses the buyer’s problem. Collaboration among the teams to understand the problem from the buyers perspective and precisely how and when they should engage is fundamental to success. The buying journey is frequently complex, so by necessity, the methodology and the execution of how we approach it has to be as well. And that takes teamwork!

  • Chris Orlob

    Very insightful.

    I’ve also noticed there are three different “demand” situations when it comes to the actual sales opportunity: creating demand, filling demand, and “unlocking” demand.

    Each of those three situations require a different approach to the sales call (and opportunity).

    Here’s a bit more of what I mean in a 1 page article: