• Richard Harris

    Really awesome post. Thanks for being so open with your process so that others may learn

    • Lars Nilsson

      Thanks Richard. Many have been following these principals for years so in reality, ABSD has existed in various forms as a best practice in many SDR, ISR and other sales teams. It’s just that now we have the technology to help automate and scale the outbound operation and more places to find title relevant contacts to pinpoint email placements.

      We just put a name to it!

  • bdeeter

    Great post and thank you for the sharing the details behind the results. Awesome insights and approach overall. I’m sharing this with my portfolio companies ASAP!

  • Sangram Vajre

    Phenomenal post, Lars and thank you for including Terminus in this post. I think Sales and Marketing are both on the cusp of some extraordinary changes in the B2B space. Sales have always been ahead of marketing when it comes to account-based selling but Marketers now finally have the tools to do account-based marketing at scale. I call it time to #flipMyFunnel

  • Caelum Shove

    Thanks for posting Lars. We have a very similar set-up with Outreach and target account SDRs. Logistics question: do your SDRs create a new sequence for each account in Outreach, or use new variations of the same one? We’ve been on Outreach for a week and already have a huge list of sequences!

    • Lars Nilsson

      Great question Caelum; We’ve set up industry/vertical specific folders for them so that they can browse through suggested and completely written out three drip email sequences. Easy for them if they wish to customize the beginning and end to their liking but the use cases in the middle are all pre-packaged and written by our Subject Matter Experts who site industry relevant lingo and can walk the talk in their prose

  • Shawna Baker

    I worked in Business Development/Inside Sales for a decade and was extremely successful at securing C-level and VP-level engagements that I credit to our process, which was identifying the right targets, understanding the prospect’s needs, working closely with the Account Exec (AE) to have relevant knowledge about the account, and leveraging technology to assist in the success. My opinion is that hundreds of calls a day is not key…you could do 10 calls a day and have a higher success rate IF you do your homework before you pick up the phone or send an email. And most importantly, leave the sales pitch behind. The approach must be honest and genuine, because intention is transparent.

  • Ben Sardella

    Great post Lars, pretty much sums up why you are a legend 😉

    • Lars Nilsson

      Thanks Ben…what you are doing at Datanyze will help SDR’s the world over better understand their prospects environment and help them customize content for outbound campaigns; the cornerstone of ABSD!

  • Vincent Calicchia

    Amazing post Lars! Agree with everything you have stated, leveraging technology to exponentially increase leads and opportunities for your SDRs and AEs. Cloudera is walking the walk in using technology to analyze data sets in prospect behavior for better future outcomes ;).