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Editor’s Note: Today’s Post is from Claire Koerner, marketing manager at Azuqua

With CRM, social media, cloud services, SaaS tools and more, marketers have access to vast quantities of customer information. That’s the upside. The downside is it can be a time-consuming task analyzing all that data in order to identify and act on the most important and relevant content. Creating simple business process to address this issue can be a challenge, and usually require a dependency on already stressed IT departments.

After years of suffering through the old enterprise integration headaches, made worse by the shift to the cloud and the abundance of SaaS services available today, we knew there had to be a better way to make cloud services work together.

At Azuqua we set out to do just that. For almost any cloud service you use, Azuqua can link it to two or more services, implement logic functions, and send relevant data where you need it, when you need it – without having to write a single line of code.

As you’ll see in the screenshots below, we created an easy drag-and-drop visual designer that lets anyone in the organization – technically inclined or not — connect events, actions and logic functions to automate workflows. These processes, or Flõs as we call them, can handle any operation, whether it’s analyzing Twitter messages for negative sentiment and creating support tickets in Salesforce, or monitoring Bing for relevant news articles and automatically tweeting to your followers. VentureBeat called our Flõs “virtual glue sticks,” a great visual for how you can use Azuqua to control your cloud.

Today’s focus is how marketers such as yourself can use Azuqua to save time and increase the quality of Twitter marketing efforts in two specific ways. In the first example, we show how you can automatically monitor Twitter for negative company mentions and take immediate action. In the second, we demonstrate how you can join in Twitter using hashtags your customers are already following:

How to Create Flõ #1: Twitter Sentiment to CRM to Email

This Flõ monitors Twitter for company mentions within a specified geographic location, analyzes tweets for negative sentiment, and automatically creates a record of your unhappy customer in the CRM tool of your choice. The Flõ then alerts the appropriate person within your organization via email so they can take immediate action.

Why You Need It:

  • Know what’s being said about your company, especially when it’s not-so-positive
  • Monitor customers within a certain geographic location if desired
  • Catch negative comments on Twitter without sifting through every mention
  • Track unhappy customers in CRM and be able to respond immediately
  • Maintain a positive, customer-focused online reputation

Step 1: On Azuqua, use the Twitter channel and type in the keyword (usually company name) as well as the geographic location within which you would like to monitor customer tweets. Note: You can choose to only monitor a term instead of also tracking mentions within a location, depending on your needs. We choose to only monitor for our company name when using this Flõ.

Step 2: Add in the Sentiment Analyzer and Continue If logic functions to determine if the tweet is negative.

Step 3: Select your CRM tool of choice and add an email channel to finish out the Flõ. See the Flõ we created for our own Twitter marketing below. Then, click here for a video describing how to set up this Flõ on your own account. Social monitoring, social marketing

How to Create Flõ #2: Twitter Hashtags to Smartsheet to Email

This Flõ monitors Twitter for a specific term, separates the entities from the tweet such as the hashtags, username, content, URLs and time of the tweet, and then logs that information in Smartsheet. The Flõ then alerts you via email so that you can compose a tweet quickly using the same hashtags your customers are already following.

Why You Need It:

  • Track hashtags your customers are using when tweeting about a specific term
  • Get email alerts so you can join the conversation in a timely, relevant way
  • Collect relevant information about your customers and what they care about
  • Use those same hashtags in your own tweets

Step 1: Select the Twitter channel within Azuqua and enter the keyword you wish to track.

Step 2: Use the Tweet Parser to find all the entities within a tweet.

Step 3: Set up a Smartsheet that contains the correct columns for your tweet entities, and then add the Smartsheet channel to your Flõ.

Step 4: Finally, add the email channel to be automatically alerted of the tweet content. Below is the Flõ we use on a daily basis for twitter monitoring. If you want to set it up on your own account, check out this how-to video. twitter, smartsheet, social monitoring, social marketing


Today’s Author: Azuqua, social marketingClaire Koerner is the marketing manager at Azuqua, and loves working for a company that is developing ways to make her job easier. Check out Azuqua’s summertime blog series on how to “work less and tan more.” You can follow Azuqua and get more marketing tips on Twitter @azuqua.




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