I Laughed, I Cried: My LinkedIn Publishing Journey

I have been publishing content on LinkedIn. I learned somethings along the way

First I want to make a distinction, there is a difference between sharing content on LinkedIn and publishing. Publishing is when you actually use their publishing platform and the post resides on LinkedIn. Sharing is when you share a link to another site in your status update. I wrote a post a little while ago, Share Content on Linkedin. Trust Me and it may have confused people. I advocate sharing content on LinkedIn 6-8x per day minimum for anyone who is building their personal  or corporate brand. I still share on all the social networks, but LinkedIn has the biggest impact by far. So share content on LinkedIn.

Recently, I have been testing publishing content on LinkedIn. Here is why. On February 18, 2014, I repurposed a post I had written awhile back on prospecting. It is one of the more highly trafficked posts on this blog where it got roughly 10k views. For my little blog, those are great numbers. Now back to the present, same post, purporse on Linked gets 16,744 views…1,044 LinkedIn shares. Oh wow. Check it out below.

linkedin, content marketing, sales

This is great. So now I am excited…I do it again. I take a previous funnelholic blog post that had done pretty well and repurpose it on Linkedin and….(drum roll please….)

sales and marketing alignment, sales

THUD. Air.out.of.sails. Ok, so now I am confused but I keep posting. 4-5 posts later I decide to try the alignment topic again, I assume that I won’t get much. And then….

Sales and marketing alignment

All the numbers look way better than the numbers on the first alignment post…So what is happening? Content of both is of equal quality.  Then I look and see this post has a tag at the bottom:

Linkedin Publishing

I discovered this “featured on” tag on all my posts that did really well. You see when you see a “featured on” at the bottom of a post, that means you have been featured on LinkedIn Pulse (the “featured on” just tells you what category the post is under). Pulse is the key to the LinkedIn traffic kingdom – it gets you exposed to lots of people who are not your connections. In other words, you want to get picked up by LinkedIn Pulse. So now the question is: How do you get picked to be featured in Pulse?

To get answers, I went to Koka Sexton and Jason Miller of LinkedIn for answers. Here is what I got for you:

How does someone get picked up to be featured in Pulse?

“High-quality long-form posts, as determined by our algorithm and other variables, may be distributed beyond your connections and followers through channels such as LinkedIn Pulse and emails. However, we cannot guarantee that this will occur.” Koka Sexton, LinkedIn
So basically, we are looking at another algorithm ala Google. Should be fun!
Oh yeah, the other question I get is:


How do I get the ability to publish content on LinkedIn?

“The process for publishing content is currently being rolled out across the members. If you have written in the past or have a desire to post content, here is the link. http://specialedition.linkedin.com/publishing.” Koka Sexton
There you have it. Let the LinkedIn publishing battles begin…

Craig Rosenberg is the Funnelholic and a co-founder of Topo. He loves sales, marketing, and things that drive revenue. Follow him on Google+ or Twitter