• I just forwarded this article to my Sales team with instructions, in no uncertain terms, that this is the behavior we expect. When you empower today’s reps, you create tomorrows buyer (because we know reps love to buy even more than they love to sell). We know that our buyer loves LinkedIn and uses it to form relationships and trust. The only thing that limits more organizations and individuals from fully leveraging these easy tips is that they often don’t tie to a tangible metric, as you mention, in terms of ‘likes’ or ‘shares’. For decades we dumped billions into branding initiatives but somehow the concept of personal branding through social sharing is lost on most – simply because there’s no report showing ROI.

  • Scott Ingram

    Great thoughts Craig. I’ve nearly given up on Twitter over the years because it seems very few are really paying attention. LinkedIn on the other hand is where my network is, and they seem to be engaging more and more. Not sure I agree with 6-8 shares a day. That seems a bit heavy, but worth testing. The trick at that level is to make sure the quality of content remains high and people aren’t just sharing because they were told to share.

    • Well, if the sales rep has to search for the content themselves then I would agree that 6-8 is a lot. Frankly, I made the number up when i started but based it on the hours of the business day.