• Koka Sexton


  • I was trying to get some sales advice, what happened next will astound you!

    Before I knew it I had agreed to make our first ever animated rap music video. I can’t remember if I got any good advice but who cares! Switch Video is now your one source for any video content, including rap videos for your badass blog. I think this is going to be a huge new line of business for us 🙂

    Thanks for the opportunity to shine Funnelmaster.

  • Let’s hear it for the FUNNELZ!

    • #1 on Billboard music charts for b2b rap videos. There is only one video in the category…..

  • Kevin Baldacci

    Thank you for this video. Oh and btw…

  • Heidi Bullock

    this sort of says it all…..#toolegit

  • stevelilly

    thank you CR for the cameo at :25 – from the mean streets of San Mateo. #dontsleep

  • Just corny enough to be a cult hit! Thanks! FYI – consider me for your next “Voice”

  • I know I’ve been working too much when I miss a gem like this. CR is HARD! You ate pork!