The Amazing Rethink Happening in Sales Management

Sales leadership, sales 2.0Dear Funnelholic Readers:

If you follow the blog, a couple weeks ago you may have seen the release of one of my labors of love: The CMO’s Guide to Technology. Well, you may not have known this, but I also worked on an ebook for sales: The Ultimate Guide to Modern Sales Management. That’s right, it’s out and it is awesome.

These two ebook projects have been overwhelming and exhausting, but I could not be happier with the product we ended up with. I certainly hope you are too.

There are a lot of thanks to go around. In honor of the Oscars, here is my acceptance speech:

“I want to thank the amazing Amanda Maksymiw from Lattice Engines who was my fearless leader and Lattice Engines CMO Brian Kardon who was the sponsor and brought me into the fold. Thank you both because both ebooks have been a complete inspiration for me and I learned a ton and I am very proud of what we have produced. I also want to thank my amazing contributors. Without you, there is no amazing ebook.”

When we started the sales ebook, I knew this was a tremendous opportunity. I was going to interview people that I looked up and respected and cover a lot of ground. If I learned one thing is that a major change is upon us in the world of sales. As I say in the ebook: “You know the view of sales has changed when McKinsey, one of the world’s most blue chip consulting organization, is studying sales organization effectiveness.”

My goal was to use this opportunity to learn about some of the more cutting edge thought processes and of course, share them with as many people as would read them. Mission accomplished…check out the lineup:

  • Five Strategies for Driving and Sustaining Sales Growth – Homayoun Hatami, McKinsey
  • The Implication of the Changing Buyer for Sales Leaders —  Greg Alexander,  Sales Benchmark Index
  • The Sales Management Operating System — David Brock, Partners in Excellence
  • The Three Crucial Pieces to Modern Sales Enablement —  Dave Brock, Partners in Excellence, and Tamara Schenk, Miller Heiman
  • Four Skills for the Successful Modern Salesperson — Anthony Iannarino, B2B Sales Coach and Consultancy
  •  The Challenger Sales Model by Craig Rosenberg – Matt Dixon and Brent Adamson, Corporate Executive Board
  • The Current State of Sales Operations — Mark B. Levinson, Sirius Decisions
  • Sales Training — Dave Stein, ES Research
  • The Rise of Inside Sales — Trish Bertuzzi, The Bridge Group Inc
  • The Coming Trend of Social Proximity Territories – Greg Alexander, Sales Benchmark Index, and Tyler Baldwin, LinkedIn
  • Why the VP of Sales Should Care About Marketing and Sales Alignment — Matt Heinz, Heinz Marketing

The biggest takeaway from the interviews with sales and marketing leaders alike is that there has been a shift towards becoming buyer-centric. All the experts are championing this idea that whichever strategy you choose is rooted in a fundamental understanding of your buyer and how they buy.

If you get the opportunity, please read this ebook. You may not agree with everything, but you will learn something. Click here or on the graphic below:

sales management, sales

Thank you. I hope you enjoy.

Craig Rosenberg aka The Funnelholic

Craig Rosenberg is the Funnelholic and a co-founder of Topo. He loves sales, marketing, and things that drive revenue. Follow him on Google+ or Twitter

  • Craig,
    You really nailed it when you said that this was an incredible learning experience. I know that I personally learned some much throughout our collaboration. I may be a little biased but I’ll say it. This ebook needs to be read by anyone in sales.

    In response to your acceptance speech..We couldn’t have done it without you!

    • I sent it my mom who doesn’t quite understand the “ebook” thing…and wondered if it was available on Amazon.

  • Craig, this ebook is so helpful, insightful and well-designed, I almost feel I should be sending you money.

    • Ill send you my address offline. (:

      Thanks for reading. I really enjoyed putting it all together

  • Thanks so much for including some of our content, but frankly I learned a TON from the other contributors in this book. Highly recommended read, and worth distributing to current and prospective sales leaders in your organizations.

    • Matt — Thanks for your contributions to both books. Great stuff per the usual

  • Dennis Shiao

    Craig: congrats and well done. I read The CMO’s Guide to Technology. My jaw dropped as I read it, as it was so deep and comprehensive.

    Well, actually, I’m still reading it, but plan to finish it soon. I’m sure the Sales Management eBook is just as good. I’ll share it with my contacts in Sales roles.

  • Craig, you are setting the bar high for the rest of us. Looking forward to this weekend read.