Lead Qualification: Defining your Qualified Lead (infographic)

Editor’s note: I get asked all the time to post infographics. As a general rule, I don’t like to post them. However, if I am a mentioned in the infographic and there is a cartoon image of me???? ┬áDon’t judge me, but I gotta do it. Please send any complaints to our complaints department (which we have still yet to hire). Net-net, this is a great infographic so enjoy:

How to Define the Lead of Your Companys Dreams Infographic

Brought to you by Lead Generation Software by Marketo

  • Also, I guess I should leave something of value here as well. I couldn’t agree more with Trish’s comment. Treating lead scoring as an off the rack option is crazy. I’ve seen too many clients ask for “our model”. Our model is that criteria drives score and score drives the revenue model – that’s nothing ground breaking. The groundbreaking portion comes when we truly quantify what sales in thinking and bring marketing in line with the same goals. That’s revolutionary.

    • Well, you added a ton of value with the “vampire” picture but thanks. Good point.

  • trishbertuzzi

    OMG.. every time I see this I cringe. I look like Joy Behar in this infographic. Love the content .. hate the pic!

  • I think personalization will change how we look at “leads” against the explicit and implicit profiles and the good ol’ standard of BANT. When I see some of the ways platforms like Lattice and Infer and Marketo (with RTP) can really focus predictively, that’s a whole new ballgame. B2B marketing is getting turned on its ear bit bit right now, which is great. And that directly impacts the definition of leads, and how those people are engaged.

    Oh, I think there needs to be a contest on who can create the best caricature of Craig. And the final submissions would be made into an infographic. Just sayin’…