Social selling, content selling, and content marketing

Last night at dinner, my mom said to me: “I watched your videos on the eCornell site, you need to lost 10 pounds.” I also noticed that I have grey hair. Nonetheless, I enjoyed filming these videos and took on some topics near and dear to my heart.

  • Maybe it’s all the content you are consuming? Is content fattening? Actually it is – it weighs down our days and prevents us from working out other channels. That is, content the way most marketers thing about content. I had a discussion with one of my consultants this morning and I asked “have you tuned over all of the content initiatives you’re working on to (her counterpart)?”, who will own content in 2014. The response was “yes”. Later in the conversation the subject of the blog came up and I restated, “But (her counterpart) owns that now, right?” I was surprised when her reply indicated the negative. Content is everything – not just long form or written form – it’s everything. My advice would be to “be relevant”, the format will naturally gravitate toward the lightweight. And, perhaps help Craig’s waistline.