Bring value to every sales interaction: Madlibs w/ @bbachofner

I am on a Madlibs run right now and maybe I should slow it down but I had to have this one – Brian Bachofner from InsideView. I met him at the InsideView conference and the dude was wearing a searsucker suit which clearly automatically put him in the “guy you want to party with” category. Anyway, we got to hanging out and the guy is really smart, really knowledgeable, and with a great sense of humor aka a perfect candidate for Madlibs. I thought his contribution was fresh and fun. In honor of our first meeting, I was going to do a picture of a guy in a searsucker, but I just loved his Grady Booch reference: A Fool with A Tool is still a Fool. Madlibs after the picture:

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  1. The b2b buyer is: 
NOT a buyer until confronted with a need to change the status quo.
  2. The biggest innovation in sales is how we: enable Reps, through the use of Intelligence and Social, to bring value to every sales interaction.
  3. The coolest thing happening in b2b sales is: Marketers with revenue goals.
  4. My favorite Sales 2.0 technology is InsideView.  Come on!
  5. My favorite sales book is: “Conversations that win the complex sale”, by Erik Peterson and Tim Riesterer
  6. My favorite social media site is: Twitter
  7. Social selling is: too often divorced from CRM, we’re just starting to bring them together in a way that provides efficiencies and measureable outcomes.
  8. I use LinkedIn to: share content and expand my brand/thought leadership.
  9. Cold calling is: a great debate (is it dead? what is it?) and worth having as long as it’s helping clients sell and not contributing to marketing speak by vendors/consultants on one side or the other.
  10. In b2b, the idea of a funnel: has changed from marketing just stuffing the top, to a more collaborative full-funnel approach with Sales.
  11. The first thing every sales person should do is: commit to their craft.  Sales shouldn’t be the job you have because you didn’t plan well in college
  12. Voicemail is: usually full for a reason.
  13. The biggest mistake sales people make is: not having a measurable goal and plan for each customer interaction
  14. The biggest myth in sales is: the “buyer”. I buy groceries, I invest in things that matter.  It’s called ROI, not ROP (purchase) for a reason.
  15. My most forgettable sales experience was: not asking for help and trying to solve a customer issue alone.  I disappointed a valued customer and ended up getting kicked off the account.  Learned a valuable lesson that day.
  16. The hardest part of selling is: repeating success.  Anyone can win for a quarter or year at a time.
  17. The next “hot-thing” in sales will be: the growing role of Sales Enablement.
  18. In 2015, sales will be: more virtual inside sales.  Just sourcing inside talent within x miles of an office is stupid foolish.  Especially when so much great experienced “field” sales talent is out there.
  19. My favorite sales saying is: A fool with a tool is still a fool
  20. Over the next couple years in sales, I can’t wait to see: How Gen X (my generation) manages Millenials.  Going to be interesting
  21. Madlibs with the Funnelholic is: Good times
Sales 2.0Brian Bachofner is Manager of Alliances and Channel Development at InsideView. With over 10+ years in the B2B Data and Sales Intelligence market, he’s seen the transformation from phonebooks, to lead lists and now the Social Web as a vital way to engage with customers. Brian also manages InsideView’s content for Social Selling University, the leading source for CSO’s and Individual contributors looking for best practices and advice for deploying social sales initiatives.
You can find Brian in the Charlotte airport most weeks, or connect with him on Twitter where he likes to discuss CRM Intelligence, Sales Performance, Social Selling and English football.



Craig Rosenberg is the Funnelholic and a co-founder of Topo. He loves sales, marketing, and things that drive revenue. Follow him on Google+ or Twitter

  • Chris Snell

    “Sales shouldn’t be the job you have because you didn’t plan well in college”

    Well played, sir. Well played.

  • “The biggest mistake sales people make is: not having a measurable goal and plan for each customer interaction”

    Good point. Obviously sales teams want an interaction to result in a sale, but there are plenty of micro-conversions along the way to that final sale that you can work through. The first time you contact someone is very rarely going to turn into a sale, but you can schedule another call; get them to download something; register for something. All those touch points push them further along the buying cycle.

  • Hooman Adalubbin