There’s no crying in baseball: Sales madlibs w/ @lizasperling

Liza Sperling from ClearSlide is today’s Madlibs participant. Want to know how I met her? I sent out a tweet before the Sales 2.0 conference joking about my “Hugs with Funnelholic” booth. I get a response from some random person wanting to get a hug. I am like — “Ok this person has chutzpah.” I met her at the conference, she demo’d ClearSlide (of course.) I have gotten to know her since then and she is one of those boundless energy types who is passionate about the changing games in both sales and marketing. Great call for Madlibs.

Liza’s Madlibs:

  1. The b2b buyer is evolving. As a result, today’s salespeople will be forced to evolve and develop the skills to adapt to a very different sales process.
  2. The biggest innovation in sales is not CRM, but the companies focusing on how to make CRM interfere less with the sales process.
  3. The coolest thing happening in b2b sales is technology’s realization that salespeople need solutions tailored to their needs that enhance, rather than disrupt, the sales process.
  4. My favorite Sales 2.0 technology….Sales 2.0 is dead, so this is a trick question. Much of sales 2.0 technology reduces selling time and increases time spent on administrative tasks. At ClearSlide we are increasing sales productivity, so that sellers can spend more time selling. No surprise that that ClearSlide is my favorite sales technology.
  5. My favorite sales book is: The Giving Tree.
  6. My favorite social media channel is Twitter. There is a learning curve to optimize Twitter for professional use, but it is worth investing the time to get up to speed.
  7. Social selling is in its infancy, but it’s getting exciting thanks to people like Matt Heinz and Jill Rowley and companies like LittleBird. They make social data manageable and actionable to salespeople.
  8. I use Linkedin in conjunction with Newsle and Cloze, both of which supercharge LinkedIn and other social networks. They ensure that you don’t miss an article or information about key people and relationships. For anyone is sales, Newsle and Cloze are free, must-have tools.
  9. Cold calling ‘s death has been greatly exaggerated. It’s a mandatory sales skill. Call me old fashioned, but I’d also like to see more salespeople sending handwritten letters. I still have a copy of a letter I wrote that immediately resulted in a seven figure win.
  10. In B2B, the idea of a funnel is oversimplified.
  11. The first thing every salesperson should do: immerse themselves in both the art and science of sales. Today, salespeople need a deep understanding of both.
  12. Voicemail is usually deleted. No one enjoys listening to voicemail. Not leaving a voicemail can be more successful than leaving a voicemail.
  13. The biggest mistake salespeople make is targeting short-term gains and low hanging fruit, rather than building longer, more profitable relationships.
  14. The biggest myth in sales is that salespeople are technophobes.
  15. The hardest part of selling is what gets in the way of selling and interferes with customer engagement: logging activities, wrangling collateral, downloading software, etc…
  16. The next “hot-thing” in sales will be what Steve Richard calls “naked selling”, specifically 100% transparency and visibility into both sellers’ and buyers’ activities.
  17. In 2015, sales will no longer be a dirty word.
  18. My favorite sales saying is: There’s no crying in baseball.
  19. Over the next couple years in sales, I can’t wait to see salespeople who demand technology that improves the sales process and the customer experience – and requires no data entry.
  20. Madlibs with the Funnelholic is ALMOST as much fun as diving into an inbox full of ClearSlide view alerts.


clearslide, sales 2.0Liza Sperling is the Evangelist at ClearSlide, where she drives thought leadership, industry partnerships and influencer relationships. Prior to ClearSlide, Liza focused on growing market share at three software startups, all of which were acquired. With 15+ years of experience launching, marketing and selling enterprise technology and managing strategic relationships to drive revenue, Liza has a proven track record of driving measurable success both in Silicon Valley and on Wall Street.





Craig Rosenberg is the Funnelholic and a co-founder of Topo. He loves sales, marketing, and things that drive revenue. Follow him on Google+ or Twitter



  • John

    “The biggest mistake salespeople make is targeting short-term gains and low hanging fruit, rather than building longer, more profitable relationships.” Awesome.

    • Agreed – exactly why I chose the Giving Tree as my favorite sales book. Thanks for the comment, John.

  • trishbertuzzi

    I met Liza at a recent AAISP event and she immediately went on a “one to watch” list. Loved her Madlibs especially this one: “My favorite Sales 2.0 technology….Sales 2.0 is dead, so this is a trick question.” When it is dead.. it is dead.. let it lie. Thanks for this one!

    • @trishbertuzzi:disqus whoa, that is a huge compliment. Thank you!

  • Great answers Liza! I didn’t know about Cloze but am checking it out. Look forward to seeing you again this fall!

    • @mattheinz:disqus I discovered Cloze before you? This is a first! I’d love to hear what you think. Picture all of your email + social network updates managed and ranked in one place. I am blown away by the Android app, and Cloze is just getting started!

      • Yeah, I like what I’m seeing from Cloze so far. Haven’t tried the mobile apps yet, but do like the morning email updates. Lots of great data and insights to engage with there.