Confessions of a Funnelholic: I eat SPAM musubi and everyone needs a break

I am taking my first long vacation in 15 years. PS don’t worry someone is staying at my house so I won’t get robbed. (I think)

I do have some posts queued during my trip so expect to hear from me…just not today.

I have one thing to say: I’m tired. And because I was raised on it, I will eat SPAM musubi while in Hawaii.

Balanced lifeActually, this isn’t a throw away post. I do have a point. I have always been a dedicated, hard worker and I like to build companies. Neither are conducive to vacationing. But I learned a lot on my last couple ventures, one of which is you gotta live your life because you have no idea if you will be as fortunate as Larry Ellison and buy your own Hawaiian island. For the last stage of my life, I had dedicated myself to not taking time off and poring myself into my work. I have fun but in bite-sized chunks. But now, I have decided that I am going and will have fun and no one will stop me. (except my 2 year old twins).

Oh and I have some blog posts queued up anyway! And you will see me on Twitter because I am straight up junkie. But I will be tweeting from the beach and eating SPAM musubi. I am not gloating. Actually, I am relieved.

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