Content marketing profundity: 18 contributors, 18 great quotes

I have been in a content marketing rush leading up to our virtual summit which I hope you will join! — Keys to Content Marketing Success on August 14 starting at 9am PDT. As I worked on my latest post, I was researching and one of my Madlibs showed up on screen. I realized I was sitting on a library of content. (DUH!).  So, I combined all the answers from Madlibs on content marketing and there is some great stuff. I hope you enjoy…The way this works is: I start the sentence and the contributor finishes the sentence.

In this case it was Content Marketing is…


Here are the answers:

  1. Content marketing is awesome for the consumer when done right. It is also highly effective for vendors who do it well. I just had a sales call because someone printed my 8 Reasons Sales Development Teams Fail post and handed it to the person who reached out. (Me)
  2. Content marketing is the foundation of all marketing efforts via @amandamaks  
  3. Content marketing is: not new news. It is old news in digital form. Standards for high quality still apply. via @tonyzambito
  4. Content marketing is essential but it is only a prelude to the rest of your digital experience via @wirthkarl
  5. Content marketing is the fuel that drives social media. via @jchernov
  6. Content marketing is not a component of modern marketing, it is the essence of modern marketing (though, of course, I’m biased). via @tobymurdock
  7. Content marketing is: Priceless, if done well. Content needs to deliver on different needs based on where someone is in the purchasing lifecycle, be diverse yet integrated across channels and address the way each person likes to consume content. via @brandrelevance
  8. Content marketing is one ingredient to successful inbound marketing. via @mvolpe
  9. Content marketing is the best thing to happen to marketing since Seth Godin. via @jasonmillerca
  10. Content marketing is a bit over-hyped right now and not a new concept.  I’ve read that Joe Pulizzi traces content marketing back to the John Deere magazine, The Furrow, published in 1895.  Certainly with the importance of SEO, Inbound Marketing and marketing automation, content has gained importance in the overall marketing mix.  I think we are just seeing a proliferation of companies that market content marketing to marketers so the topic is amplified  via @hdlevy
  11. Content marketing is a fancy word for proof. via @myleadmd
  12. Content marketing is a critical building block for all marketing. via @brianvellmure
  13. Content marketing is – a key part of demand generation strategy. via @CAHidalgo
  14. Content marketing is a more pleasant and interesting form of interruption marketing. via @sgersh
  15. Content marketing is more than a buzzword. It is the hottest trend in marketing because it is the biggest gap between what buyers want and brands produce. via @brennermichael
  16. Content marketing is misunderstood and getting a bad rap. Content marketing is not about creating a ton of mediocre content and pushing it out the door just so that you continuously have something new in front of an audience. It’s about creating content about something your audience cares about that motivates them to take next steps toward doing business with your company. Big difference. via @ardath421
  17. Content marketing is an overused term. I love the practice of content marketing, but am somewhat tired of the term. We’ve all been talking about “content marketing, content marketing, content marketing” of late, but really? We’ve been doing that since blogs first came out. And even before that. via @dshiao
  18. Content marketing is the new currency of marketing. Those with the best content are already winning, but there’s plenty of time to catch up. via @heinzmarketing

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  • shecopywrites

    I like #11. I was just telling myself that yesterday. Show proof that will make your brand trustworthy and believable.