Fun marketing tactics from @Linkedin, @Marketo, @Desk

Doesn’t it feel like marketing is getting fun and creative again these days?

A brief history: Marketing was all “arts and crafts”, then marketing automation came along and we had to get serious and all techno-sized, and now that the “Competitive Content” era is upon us…we are executing fun, out-of-the-box campaigns/ideas to try to stand out in the crowd. Marketing is getting fun again.

Here are some fun ones:

Memorable marketing tactic number #1: The LinkedIn Summer Sales Guide.
Koka Sexton from LinkedIn reached out to sales leaders and influencers and asked us for our favorite books, movies, tv shows that we recommended for sales people. Turned out to be a pretty cool viral piece. Influencers tweeted it like crazy and it’s an easy, fun read.

Memorable marketing tactic number #2: The Marketo Movie Poster
Marketing campaignsMarketo created really cool movie posters of speakers at their User Conference.Awhile back, I wrote about how SugarCRM created influencer trading cards. The trading card was sitting on my desk and when I sat down, I saw SugarCRM. Now, I have a gigantic movie poster in my office that reminds me every day about Marketo. Influencer marketing is simple: identify and build relationships with the key influencers in your space. Stay in front of them. Have some fun marketing to them. Oh yeah, and ask them to speak live or at webinars, they like that. The poster is cool despite my friends accusing me of being dracula.



Memorable marketing tactic #3: 50 Facts SlideShare
I chose to showcase this piece of content for a couple reasons. Content creation is the biggest opportunity for marketers and the most daunting. Similar to the LinkedIn piece previously mentioned, the content for this piece is crowdsourced. Crowdsourcing allows you to bring in lots of credible contributors to build the content. It is a very scalable and effective approach. The other thing is marketers are starting to really use Slideshare. As you can imagine, the goal on slideshare is to present visually appealing, easy to consume content. You can have a lot of fun there. Finally, with Slideshare you can embed sharing links. As you thumb through the deck below you will see their share button – a little bird! Pretty cool.


I must mention a great post from Scott Albro on the TOPO blog:  Conversion and User Experience had some great tactics…

Signing off.

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