Improve conversion rates with help from Jane Goodall: Madlibs with Karl Wirth

Part of the great thing about being the Funnelholic is I get to meet brilliant people doing really cool things for the world of marketing and sales.  Three things get me excited about what Karl Wirth and his company Evergage are doing: Personalization, relevance, and ultimately conversion. My kind of guy. Karl is this week’s guest on Madlibs – enjoy. Oh and yes, he mentions Jane Goodall which is another +1.

  1. The b2b buyer is never going to read all of her email.
  2. The biggest innovation in marketing is our ability to communicate in a relevant, appropriate way based on who people are and what they are doing.
  3. The coolest thing happening in b2b marketing is the shift from out-of-context to in-context communication.
  4. My favorite marketing book is The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing
  5. My favorite social media channel is LinkedIn Groups (if they are well-run)
  6. Social media for b2b is part of the fabric of the job.
  7. b2b video is yet another reason I wish I paid more attention in art class.
  8. In b2b, the idea of a funnel is still a useful way to focus on key conversion points in the customer journey.
  9. The first thing every marketer should do is spend several weeks a year living with their target buyers like Jane Goodall lived amongst the chimps.
  10. Content marketing is essential but it is only a prelude to the rest of your digital experience.
  11. The biggest mistake marketers make is trying to do 50 things ok instead of 10 things very well, 20 things just well enough, and not doing the other 20 things.
  12. The biggest myth in b2b marketing is that xyz is the holy grail that will replace all my blocking and tackling with rapid success.
  13. My favorite marketing technology besides marketing automation is Evergage’s real-time onsite personalization based on behavior and user attributes.
  14. Besides revenue, the metric every marketer must track is conversion rate at each key conversion point.
  15. My most forgettable marketing experience is my attempt at drawing xkcd-like cartoons to illustrate our company’s value prop.  (see comment above about art class)
  16. Mobile marketing is harder than we all thought.
  17. The next “hot-thing” in marketing will be the next next “yet-another-part-of-the marketing-mix”
  18. In 2015, marketing will stop spending 5 times more on demandgen than it does on converting interested visitors/leads who arrive onsite.
  19. Over the next couple years in marketing, I can’t wait to see every marketer easily personalizing the digital experience for their visitors and customers without dev involvement.
  20. Madlibs with the Funnelholic is better than Cats.

Karl Wirth is the CEO and Co-Founder of Evergage. EvergageHe is passionate about helping businesses improve their conversion through relevant, in-context communication. Karl is a software executive who has led product and marketing functions at Red Hat, Sentillion, and RSA Security. He graduated from Harvard with a degree in Physics.