Marketing automation craziness — Oh boy, here we go.

Yesterday and today were busy in the world of marketing technology twitterverse. Now, keep in mind, I am not a reporter…I am posting Tweets and articles.In other words, I am happy to post up any clarifications, etc…just put them in the comments field. A lot of these people are my friends so I am not taking sides…but boy there is a scrum happening right now.

Hold on to your hats folks..because here we go:

I will start with this article on Business Insider, the title should tell you everything: Fresh Off A Hot IPO, Marketo’s Biggest Partner,, Is Now Its Biggest Threat

Ok, follow along – then there is this tweet:

How about this Tweet from Adam Blitzer from Pardot:

Mike Volpe from Hubspot going over the top at Blitzer:


Things were quiet for awhile…but it’s chippy, very chippy.

  • Well, honestly if you’re not pissing someone off, you’re doing it wrong. And it sounds like all involved are doing great!

    Honestly I don’t think capitalizing on market insecurity around M&A is a ‘Hail Mary’ – this game wont be over anytime soon and it certainly isn’t 4th quarter. One thing I will go out on a limb on (and please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong) but every marketer who ever criticized a large email blast, has conducted one. Just because you don’t like the message doesn’t give license to suddenly become holier than thou.

    In relation to the App Exchange fiasco – I love fights like this. Brings more publicity to everyone involved. SFDC has been playing this game for a long time with Oracle, while Ellison has long been invested in SFDC, so things aren’t always what they seem. It will be interesting to see how Marketo, who is fairly new at this, will fare. In the end the winner will still be marketing.

  • We’re having some fun with all the drama here @NetResults…

  • Mike Volpe

    “Those in glass houses should not throw stones.” Pardot does exactly what they want to call Marketo out on. They recently spammed a bunch of HubSpot customers telling them that they were all screwed and they would not be allowed to integrate with Salesforce.

    The truth is that our AppExchange listing is alive and well. We have a great relationship with Salesforce and one of their divisions is even a HubSpot case study:

    Salesforce is a platform company and if you are a good partner and offer value differentiated from Salesforce they believe in letting customers make the choice best for them.

  • The difference between official CEO reactions of MAP vendors on their blogs and what goes on IRL again shows how business blogs are still used for corporate BS, planned a post on that using MAP blog announcements as example. Off-topic but oh what fun – not – we have.

    • Ha! How do you really feel?

      • Less fun than the image below but – hey – it’s business. We saw it coming, didn’t we? Good thing there still are independent bloggers 😉 But feeling tired.

  • inboundmarketer

    Did anyone happen to catch that Gartner stat that said CMOs are going to be spending more on technology than CIOs by 2017? And did you happen to see that global marketing software spend is already over $25 billion annually? If you believe this, then you believe there will be lots of marketing software options with many different companies achieving success. I’m not sure who told the marketing automation industry there can only be one winner, but I’m pretty sure we’re going to see multiple choices, with a variety of different use cases, features, and options. An industry with only one option seems boring.

    Oh, and even if one company was dominant, it means cool changes from those that decide to stay in the space. Look at what happened when Salesforce bought Jigsaw ( Did Reachforce and Insideview and Hoovers and Demandbase just disappear? Nope- they all found different niches with unique value props. In fact, I use (or have used) all of these products and have had very little overlap.

    @Jchernov – I thought we had shown everyone how to argue much better than this?

    • Truism but then others see we need Chief Digital Officers and they will decide. Or Chief Customer Officers. Or the CFO, one of the few getting ROI 🙂 And what if the CIO does get that more business-related function as is happening. In the end my bet is on good old sales (smarketing, Mike) and customer service and CEM 😉 A rich landscape. And a lot of context. Business culture and installed base too. Diversity and not really a static world

  • This is a good old fashioned bench clearing brawl. The pitcher (Benioff) plunks the batter (Fernandez) who, enraged, charges the mound. The catcher (Blitzer) races to the pitcher’s defense, which triggers the benches to clear (here comes Volpe!). This isn’t “chippy,” it’s a good old fashioned donnybrook. I suspect Eloqua won’t hop the bullpen wall and start swinging. After all, their goon joined a startup where he’s too busy trying to figure out how to practice what he’d been preaching for years. In any event, I don’t miss the skirmishes, but I do miss the good folks on this thread. Mike, Adam, Maria, J-P, Craig … love you guys. Now all we need is Peter Johnston to jump onto the field from the audience to make the scene complete.

    • Love you too 😉 Now, can you rephraze your comments in soccer terms

  • Brian Hansford

    This is all pretty natural behavior in a heated and highly competitive market and honestly it’s been going on for a while. However, I think it quieted down last year. Now with the consolidation the whiny tweets start. I actually think it’s hilarious to see complaints about competitive switch programs. I’m more interested to see how Eloqua/Marketo/SFDC-ET-Pardot are going to drive innovation.

    I could give a shit about whiny tweets. Show me cool new advances in social and mobile and how marketing and how sales teams can align better with new innovations!!


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  • Jeff

    “Alot” is not a word.

  • Tim M. Curtis, DCMP

    Perhaps Pardot should spend more time developing their platform to effectively compete against the likes of Marketo and HubSpot instead of pointing fingers on “spam” attacks. By the way…no one has spammed me more than Pardot.