B2B Marketing is starting to resemble B2C Marketing: Madlibs with @jchernov

Joe Chernov – If they write books on b2b marketing from 2006 on, he will be in it. In the book that will be written on marketing automation, Joe will be in there. His public battles with Marketo were classic but he was really one of the faces of Eloqua and his role of thought leader was important to their brand. He will be featured in the b2b content marketing book as well. He was pioneer in bringing design, readability, and cadence to the b2b content game. He also was part of the team that hired a journalist, Jesse Noyes, to run the blog. Now, you see that recommendation all the time. With that, here he is – -Joe Chernov:

  1. The b2b buyer is drowning in information.
  2. The biggest innovation in marketing is always-on access to data.
  3. The coolest thing happening in b2b marketing is it’s increasing resemblance to B2C marketing.
  4. My favorite marketing book is Switch.
  5. My favorite social media channel is Twitter.
  6. Social media for b2b is unfortunately still a PR distribution channel.
  7. b2b video is generally lame.
  8. In b2b, the idea of a funnel is omnipresent.
  9. The first thing every marketer should do is get a win under his or her belt. People follow winners.
  10. Content marketing is the fuel that drives social media.
  11. The biggest mistake marketers make is to not empathize with the buyer.
  12. The biggest myth in b2b marketing is that marketers can structure the buyer’s journey.
  13. My favorite marketing technology besides marketing automation is the people who run the marketing automation system.
  14. Besides revenue, the metric every marketer must track is cost per quality lead.
  15. My most forgettable marketing experience is every silly argument I’ve had on social media.
  16. Mobile marketing is not quite here (at least in the US).
  17. The next “hot-thing” in marketing will be mobile marketing.
  18. In 2015, marketing will get a little more data driven, a little smarter, a little more creative.
  19. Over the next couple years in marketing, I can’t wait to see new verticals being exposed to some of the tactics that have changed B2B tech marketing.
  20. Madlibs with the Funnelholic is a great excuse to connect with Craig.

Joe Chernov is the VP of Marketing for Kinvey, a Kinveymobile backend as a service start-up in Boston, MA. Joe joined Kinvey from Eloqua, where he served as VP of Content Marketing. The Content Marketing Institute named him “Content Marketer of the Year” in 2012. He serves on the board of advisors for Little Bird, a search engine for influencer discovery and engagement.

  • jglo

    Indeed, B2B can now resemble B2C particularly with marketing communications that are now driven to contacts who are individuals in a business versus a flyer that would have been addressed generically to a business name.

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