Social Selling, mobile marketing, and qualified leads — This week on Twitter

It’s been awhile since our last Tweet of the Week segment, lets call this “Tweets of the last couple weeks”. On to it!

7 out of 10 times at an account, the marketing client will say: “Sales will not follow up on my leads!”.  Sometimes it’s communication or process that’s the problem.  Truthfully, sometimes the problem has nothing to do with alignment and all that jive, the leads do actually suck. And actually, it is better for sales to cold call then follow up on these terrible leads.

There is only one thing to say about this one: What the hell? Please make mobile-friendly email. The vast majority of email triage happens on smart phones.  You have to win in the mobile inbox.

Nothing big here, I like to post internet and social consumption stats. Oh, in case you were wondering, Americans being online…

My buddy Robert Koehler has two tweets featured below. The first tweet is a very important tip that a lot of people (sales and otherwise) are breaking – leading with a connection request. I am personally not down with that. I send InMail if I don’t know them and ask to connect if we have had a meaningful two-way conversation. Asking to connect is a big deal for someone to consider who doesn’t know you. You will get higher conversion if you stick to messages.

Social intelligence is the most up-to-date and relevant info you can use in the selling process. Why? Because the information is provided to you by your buyer not by a writer or a new resource. It’s “straight from the horse’s mouth”. That’s the most powerful information you can get and from the looks of the data below, top sales reps realize the power of social intelligence.


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