SMB social, a/b testing, facebook fan $, and inbound marketing: This Week on Twitter

Hi everyone — once again, I present to you my favorite of tweets.  These posts are my worst traffic performers, but I do enjoy putting them together.  For those that do read these posts, thank you!

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Now, what you came for: My Tweets o’ the Week. Enjoy:

Small business is built on word of mouth and social is the ultimate word-of-mouth platform. Newspaper advertising is dead. I can’t possibly believe those dudes on street corners waving those arrow signs work well.  Great SMBs always lived of word of mouth.  Now, as more SMBs embrace social media, data is starting to show that they are seeing ROI. That number will keep rising as more SMBs get educated on how to use social media.

I wish there were more tactical stories like this on the internet.

Most of what people write about today is “why” and “what” — rarely are there stories on “how”. (This writer is guilty of this as well despite my relentless pounding on the table for specificity.)  I found this story very interesting and refreshing — there are all these important elements to it: a/b testing, the importance of trust, etc. Read the whole story…long landing pages may not work for you but the point is the same – test and find your audience’s preferences as they might surprise you.


Maybe I am off, but do other people actually believe a Facebook fan is worth $174? I am not smart enough to break down the numbers but the smell test doesn’t work for me on this one.


Hubspot put together a report on inbound marketing. I have seen the report and it is worth reading.  The next two tweets are directly related to their report.

#1: The blog is the cornerstone of your inbound marketing strategy.The great content marketing machines have great blogs. On a personal note, my life has changed since I started blogging every day. My traffic is up 500%, I get inbound leads…it’s amazing. Proof point below:


#2 Great quote from Jay Baer who I respect quite a bit.