Four content marketing quotes that I can’t get out of my head

What a title! I have been using these content marketing quotes when I work with clients or talk with others in the marketing space, but for the life of me, I could not figure out how to get them into blog posts. So, I decided to just write this post and finally get them out there.Content Marketing

First a note on content marketing: I always believed that content marketing SHOULD work, but was getting nervous that it wasn’t going to be true. I recognized that the buyer had changed and understood their preferences for helpful content, but really just wanted other success stories besides Hubspot. Now — GAME ON. Content marketing successes are happening all over the place. It works. More on this in later segments.

Now, here are a couple quotes on the topic that I just can’t get out of my head:

1. “We wrote our first blog post before we wrote our first line of code.” – Jon Miller, Marketo

When I talk to startups, they always ask me what they should do first. I quote Jon every time and then tell them — start creating content tomorrow and pick up the phone and have conversations with at least 25 potential buyers.  Or vice-versa.  Either way, get going.  As a matter of fact, here is what I tell everyone who asks for marketing advice: Start writing Hemingway.

2. “I told my team: From here on out we will put up a blog post every day at 6AM” – Greg Alexander Sales Benchmark Index

Sales Benchmark Index is one of my favorite examples that content marketing works. Basically, Greg decided they were going to be great at content and they are.  He laid down a lofty content goal and they have lived up to it.  Now they produce 7 blog posts a week (updated from 5), 1 webinar per month, and an ebook per month.  Cadence, consistency, quality, and ultimately, 1000’s of leads. These guys are my idols.

3. “So let me get this straight, you tell your clients to blog every day but you don’t?” — Paul Rosenberg

A couple months ago, my brother decided to work on the Funnelholic. He has no background in online marketing but he redesigned the site, launched a webinar program called the Funnelholic Project, put together a Demand Generation Summit, launched a video site, and wrote some whitepapers. Amazing. So he said to me: “You are writing a blog post every day”. I said: “No chance, I have a day job”. He said: “So let me get this straight, you tell your clients to blog every day but you don’t?” I said: “Oh man, you are right”. The result: We developed the Madlibs series to create amazing, fun content in a scalable fashion.

4. “I am excited you are here to work on content, I’d like to add a data sheet to the top of your list” — Unnamed VP of Sales.

Well, the conversation started well…and then…that happened.  Oh well, I thought that was funny.

UPDATE (10.05  AM 4.25):  There is a fifth quote now!

5.  “Tell the  Funnelholic it is 7 days a week not 5 days a week.  5 day production schedules are for wimps.” — Sales Benchmark Index team.

True quote received a couple hours after the launch of the post. Even better. I updated my description of their monthly output from 5 to 7 per week.  The point remains the same: Start writing…and write a lot. It’s important to note that SBI’s content is prolific but it is high quality with lots of specific advise, statistics, and free templates and tools.

Content marketing works…Oh and if you have any content marketing programs I should look at – let me know as I am always looking for real world examples!  Great webinar coming as part of our Demand Generation Summit on Content Marketing…check it out.

Signing off…