Social response times, linkedin first – website second, and the blackberry – This Week on Twitter

This week’s Tweets of the Week!

Call and wait on hold? Nah. Email into generic “customerservice@…” Nah”… Instead, I will shout out at a brand via social and you gotta get back to me in an hour.  #social baby – Get used to it.

Linkedin is going to own B2B. It is rapidly shifting from a place to post your background and search for people to a critical channel where your presentation means everything.  I personally always click on someone’s Linkedin first before going to their website.  Approach your Linkedin profile as portal not a resume. Think like a marketer and create a profile that makes your potential customer want to talk to you.  You don’t have to call it “social selling”, you just have to do “Linkedin” well because your buyers are sizing you up there.


There is so much more to empowering sales people than money.   This tweet was great.  Also, watch Daniel Pink’s TED Talk on motivation…it transformed my views on managing sales people (and managing anyone for that matter)


I was speaking at the Sales 2.0 conference a couple years ago. I lost my watch so I decided to bring my phone up on stage to watch the clock. When I got to the podium, I announced to everyone the following: “I just want everyone to know that I am not checking my email, I have my Blackberry up here to look at the time.” When I got off stage and checked my Twitter account, there were more Tweets about the fact that I had a Blackberry than the content of our presentation. Shamed, I went out and bought an Iphone that afternoon. I remember when Blackberry was the business person’s smart phone…now no one even cares.


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