Price v business value, delete buttons, Sunday emails and calling before 9AM – This week on Twitter Part II

I had too many tweets this week to do one post. Had to do another one.

Lets get into it:

A lot of my consulting gigs are to help design or optimize Inside Sales teams. One thing I have noticed is that companies are throwing young folks on the phone to sell their cloud solutions. In their mind you can be successful by getting some young-twenty-something folks on the phone, give them some technology, and teach them how to give a demo. The problem is the core foundation of sales fundamentals is not being established. I have had so many bad sales calls recently as I take calls for solutions for my clients. The phone-based sales reps I encountered focused on two things: the demo and the product. We have to train our reps to develop real business value. (PS I think I was taught that 15 years ago when my career started). Fighting the price objection is age-old and the margin winners teach their reps to win on building a business case not on price.

You basically have two choices to fight this trend. Find a way to call more and send more emails or get better at being relevant to the buyer. You can also do both.


Well, this is interesting. The case of social selling is getting stronger as more people get good at it. I think this is the third Barb Giamanco quote of this week.


I love this tweet. Ready for the dumbest comment I have ever made: “The key to email is to get them to read it”. Ha. Very profound. I once talked to a buddy who discovered that his email conversion rate was higher at 11am on Saturday. He called a couple people to ask them. They said they were sitting at their kids soccer game and got the email on their phone. They figured they would open it.


So true. If you show up at nine and check your emails, you are missing opportune calling time. Calling before 9 is a proven, age-old proverb in prospecting. Once the day starts – ZAP (see the tweet above about the delete button).


Is it cool for me to post my own tweets? Sorry…but seriously, who still winks when meeting with clients?


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  • Craig – you rock! Thanks again for including me.

  • Dave Brock

    Thanks Craig! Great post, wink wink (sorry couldn’t restrain myself.)

    • Dave — I have been working with a client in a highly commoditized market and have been getting inspiration from a number of your posts (errr rants) on overcoming price and discounting disease. I’ll pay you later