Sharks, top ramen, Mark Hurd, and big data – This week on Twitter

Liked this tweet from Chris Selland — When people ask me what is happening in venture capital, I tell them: “Lots of kids eating top ramen and building product for 1.5 mm or less”.

I have heard this stat a lot recently and had to get it down on paper. What we do with data is the biggest opportunity for the next 10 years and beyond. Notice I said “What we do with it” – data is just data. How we use it is getting really interesting.


I caught this one and I liked it as well….no comment from me, the Tweet speaks for itself.

For my funny tweet of the week — this tweet officially wins Best Title of 2013

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  • Some insight from a noob:

    Top ramen translates quickly to ADHD, insomnia, and poorer product or service. QED: VC jokes reveal a trend of decreasing IQ and insight.

    A service or product with 1.5M start up capital for is highly unlikely to CHANGE THE WORLD. #Duh #StartUps

    90% of the data created in the last two years does not deserve or earn my attention.

    If there’s no bitching, people aren’t working. If there’s bitching, they’re avoiding work. It’s called a Catch-22. CC @oracle @funnelholic

    Worst title of 2013: Any title containing any of following terms: Content Marketing, Guaranteed Programmatic, Measurement, and ROI #Catch22

    Best title of 2013: Any title containing any of the following terms: Walking Dead, GOT, Doctor Who, Daryl Dixon, and Big Bang Theory

    • craigrosenberg

      Can’t tell if you are calling me an idiot or not but whether you are or not…I like the snarky response! BTW, I slice humor around everything. The VC point wasn’t necessarily a crack at them. While I do suffer from decreasing IQ and insight, top ramen is a metaphor for the starving 20-somethings who are trying to make small seed and A-rounds work. It seems like investment is either really big or really small. Thanks for crushing me though. I don’t mind it. (really)

      • Being a noob, I express myself poorly. Keep on keeping on!

        It’s the VCs that went brain dead! We need to make MORE fun of them. Often!

        Data is the new kitsch. [shrug]

        Confesstion: I contribute to the data dump on twitter too. [grin] Example is below:

        The Walking Dead characters Merle Dixon and Carol Peletier on CONAN now! #Conan #zombies