Two blog posts I enjoyed so much I had to immortalize them on my blog

Content flys across our screen and then “poof” – it disappears. That is why I am in love with my Tweets of the Week posts. Those posts get decent traffic but the real reason I love doing it is to just keep this great content somewhere.  Social media gives you 5 minutes to catch everyone’s attention with your content and then you are out of the picture.  So, I try to save things…Today, I am sharing a couple posts that have been sitting in my instapaper because I thought they were great.  Enjoy, I did.

Salesforce’s Disruptor Won’t be a CRM Company
The first great post was from Tomasz Tunguz from Redpoint Ventures. I have been working with Lattice Engines and Radius Intelligence so I have been become more and more intrigued by big data and sales.   Five minutes ago, we just provided sales with a list of names to call.  Now and in the future, we will provide sales data on who to call, when to call, why to call, and what to say.  From Tomasz:

Imagine if you could log into a system each morning, see a list of potential customers, understand how you are connected to those people through friends of friends, work colleagues, college affiliations, common interests. Once on the phone with a prospect, you might inform them of friends who use your product or even competitors. Your close rates would skyrocket because of the social proof at your disposal.

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Hire the Right Type of VP Marketing — Or You’ll Just End Up With a Bunch of Blue Pens with Your Logo On Them.
The next post is my “post of the year”.  I run into Jason Lemkin‘s posts every so often and they are typically very good with my kind of hit’em in the mouth writing style.   The title alone is amazing.  The post is about the difference between the old school corporate marketer and the new SaaS marketer.  Net-net, when building a cloud startup — go with the SaaS marketer or you end up with a bag of blue pens. (:.  Big company corporate marketing is fundamentally different to the numbers-centric, demand gen focused SaaS marketer.

Lemkin on Corporate Marketing

Web Leaders all spit out a ton of Corporate Marketers.  At the end of the day, Corporate Marketing is all about protecting and reinforcing the brand once you are Way Past Scale.  Corporate Marketing at Google, at Adobe, at Salesforce isn’t about getting the brand out there.  Everyone that might buy has already heard of the brand, for the most part.  Corporate Marketing is all about reinforcing positive images on the brand and product before a buying decision (to accelerate it and increase the odds of closing), and post-buying, so that you’ll buy more. You buy billboards and ultimately TV ads.

Lemkin on SaaS Marketing.

In particular, you want someone who… really understands how to do lead nurturing, web demand generation programs, and work at the hip of your sales team to generate a steady, growing stream of leads each and every month. 

Read it, it’s great

Done.  Enjoy.  Don’t use blue pens to take notes…



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