More evidence the traditional “white” paper is toast: The Kapost Comic Book

The other night Jill Rowley called me and said: “I read your post on the demise of the whitepaper, those examples were great.  But have you seen the Kapost comic book?”  So I went and downloaded it.  It’s awesome.  I don’t want to bore you with more rantings about old pamphlet-ware versus the remarkable content of today.  Just check it out.  There are some really original elements such as  thought leader superheroes and comic-strip styles graphics.  And of course, the content is valuable and helpful.   It sure is fun to be marketed to these days.

comic book

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  • Thanks Craig 🙂

    We always tell customers that you have to take risks in order to earn your Buyer’s attention. You are competing less against other brands but more against traditional media & social media in the attention battle.


    White papers were great 10 years ago when no one knew what they were because their dry tone gave them credibility. Now that everyone’s caught on to the trick…they’ve got the dual kicker — boring and ineffective. Yet companies continue to use them time and time again. Old habits die hard, I suppose.

    • craigrosenberg

      Good calls. Thx for your comment!