Having fun doing b2b sales and marketing. Exhibit A: The Harlem Shake

I am working late into the night on a couple ebooks so I like to take youtube breaks.  That has led me to the Harlem Shake.  I can’t stop watching it.  If you want to know more about how the Harlem Shake started, etc…read the wikipedia entry (seriously, its pretty thorough).
If you can’t tell by now, I love giving examples of how b2b marketing is trying to have fun these days.  With that in mind, I found a couple Harlem Shake videos from b2b folks…Videos like this would never have existed a couple years ago.  The main point I think is b2b is trying to have fun for once.  They got me to watch it.

The first Harlem Shake is from Green Leads.  I am trying to figure out if CEO and Founder Mike Damphousse is doing some kind of chair pushup or performing CPR in the video…check it out and pls confirm in the comments.

Then I found Hubspot. Of course, I found Hubspot. They have a history of doing fun videos especially those Rebecca Corliss videos. Please let me know your thoughts on the dude pouring milk all over himself which I thought was let say, unusual.


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  • So it was supposed to be pushups… But I’ve been accused of much worse than CPR 😉

    • craigrosenberg

      Those were some incredible pushups.

  • PR

    Is there a guy in the hubspot video wearing a jockstrap in the background?

    • craigrosenberg

      I believe that is correct.

  • Those were definetly pushups Damphousse style. I’ll bet there was a martini on the desk he was sipping on the downswing.

    As far as the Hubspot video, I am not sure what was more disturbing.. the guy with the milk or the guy “riding” the shark in the background. Yikes!!

    • craigrosenberg

      On Damphousse — there had to be a martini
      On Hubspot — The shark is a great and disturbing find