You gotta love the game – Jose Canseco, big data, and Google

Welcome to my 2nd Tweets of the week post. Trying a better title to see if it can take off.

First this tweet from Steve Richard. It made me think about this story I heard about 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh. When he is evaluating players, he allegedly makes them take a test on the NFL. He just wants to know if the player LOVES football. I always think of that when hiring people especially in inside sales.  You gotta get up every morning and achieve. You just can’t do that if this is just a job. It’s cliche but true, sales is about perpetual learning and improvement. If you don’t care, it won’t happen.

The next tweet I added because it was fun(ny) take on a topic I have been thinking about – marketing big data.  I have been doing work for Lattice Engines   and I love their marketing perspective — we tell you who is more likely to close ths quarter  and oh-by-the-way, we do that with big data.  I remember Stephanie Buscemi at SAP once described marketing technology from an application perspective like this: “You don’t buy Lego’s, you buy the ability to make a castle or a boat.”

This was just interesting, so I figured I would throw it in.

Finally, my business partner Scott Albro has his company listed as the “Nacho Conglomerate” on his Twitter profile.  He managed to get into a fun back-and-forth with Jose Canseco which made me laugh.


And there you have: Funnelholic’s Tweets of the Week. Submissions welcome.

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