Coming straight out of Compton: The Tweet(s) of the Week

“Twitter seems to pass us all by.” – Confuciouseazy is his name

I created this new category of blog post  to immortalize my favorite tweets.  I feel like there are great tweets all the time that just scroll right by us – I plan to do my part to put them somewhere for consumption.

Now, if you are wondering what all this has to do with Compton. That answer to that is “nothing”, I just always jump at the chance to quote any of the members of NWA, Public Enemy, or other rap/hip hop folks who went big between 1986-1996.

Now, <DRUM ROLL>, my first of many:  Tweets of the Week

This quote from @cc_chapman resonated with me. When I see a good post, I just write “Thank you for writing this”. Then I realized everyone thought I was a spammer…oh well. I agree with this feeling. If you write because you want to share…it feels amazing to know that someone was truly moved by what you wrote.

The number below makes me sad. We keep saying the “buyer is in charge” and then we don’t coach our sales people up to the task. For example,  I have been on the receiving-end of two terrible sales calls the last week. The reps were trained…but on the product and not how to talk to me…the buyer who wants to solve problems not get a demo of how I can now do this really cool thing.

Social Media, not just for breakfast anymore.

I had a feeling this was true, but didn’t want to say anything.

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