The sales technology revolution is being driven from the ground up

Warning:  I am breaking my own rules and “pontification” blogging.   I love breaking my own rules especially when I am contradicting my last post

Sales technology is hot as “all-get-up” right now.  I outlined a number of reasons why I believe this is true in a post for SocialSellingU.  The point I’d like to pontificate on is the “consumerization of sales technology” and it’s role in the rise of sales technology.  Bottom line: You can buy most sales technology solutions with a credit card.

1.  The BYOD revolution has hit sales and marketing technology — I got this quote from my buddy Miles Austin who can talk for hours on the topic: “Years ago, CIOs said there was no way they would support IPhones and IPads and now look.  It’s the same thing in sales,  smart sales people don’t ask – If they think a sales tool help them sell better, they plop down their credit card and buy it.”   In other words, this is a true revolution by the people and for the people.  Executives can’t hope to stop it, they can only jump on board.  My buddy and business partner Lars Nilsson implemented tons of sales technology solutions at ArcSight which was bought by HP.  It seems like he would have to spend his time researching technology to keep up, but he always talks about how the majority of  solutions they implemented were initially brought to him by individuals in his organization.

2.  Sales people are officially technologically self-empowered –. If you are a sales rep who still says: “My organization gives us no support, we don’t even have…”, then fix it because you can.  An individual rep can buy their own CRM, create email and nurturing programs,  buy their own lists, gather their own sales intelligence, automate contracts and quotes, etc, etc.   Today’s products are so easy to use, you can get up and running yourself.   Per-user costs are so reasonable, you aren’t breaking the bank.

As a marketer in the sales technology space, you have a real opportunity to triangulate on your target accounts. When you sell and market to sales, anyone on the team is an influencer.  Your new lead definition is: “they are in sales”.   If you can get a couple people in the organization using and getting value from your product, then you can take that use-case and success metrics to decision makers for a bigger deal.   And that ladies and gentleman, is a good thing for everyone.

Oh and I forget to add, sales technology is fun.  There are so many amazing things happening in the space.  I have just been having a ball preparing for my webinar Thursday with Koka Sexton, Matt Heinz, Miles Austin, Nancy Nardin, and Brian Vellmure entitled: 31 Must-Have Sales Tools in 2013. When you start to look into all the different options, you want to start going on them immediately.


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