Content Reflections: A personal and intimate journey into the mind of Craig Rosenberg

Editor’s note: A title like that is meant solely for my laughter.  If you happen to laugh, we are laughing together.

The purpose of the blog post is literally to tell you  I like in content.  Just my content preferences —  I am not being preachy or telling you what to do.  I am only telling you this because I am personally no longer interesting in “10 things to do” blog posts that have conceptual ideas like “Plan!” “Understand your buyer!”.  Again, please don’t take this as a dig. The “10 things to do” posts perform really well and add a lot of value to people.  I have just read it all and heard it all already before.  It’s great, but not for me.

Who am I?  Think of me as the guy who already gets what you are selling, I just need help doing it.  What inspired me to write? Last week, I attended the  Online Marketing Summit and Sales 2.0  shows.  Live shows are a good proxy as you make a real investment of time to attend so you are very conscious of content.

Here is the content I like:

  1.  A real person telling us a real story with no lobbying for a particular product – – At Sales 2.0 Mandy Cole from Living Social talked about how they run their sales organization.  She is in charge of a rapidly scaling, highly distributed sales team. It was really interesting to hear what they are doing and what the learned along the way.   A great example of the type of sales enablement process they have put in place is the Living Social Sales Academy.  I listened intently. No product pitch turn-offs, no over-played “best practices”, just real “in action” content.
  2. “Here is what we did, how we did it, and the metrics” –My post the other day on Social Marketing was INSPIRED by Jason Miller’s preso at the Online Marketing Summit.  The talk was very specific about what tactics they have tested and the results.  People are craving metrics and benchmarks with b2b social.  There were a couple “buyer has changed” bullets, but the rest was a “how-to”. Love it.
  3. Tools  — I love tool talk.  At OMS, Nicole Munoz from Start Ranking Now ripped through a bunch of web and social tools like InboxQ and explained how she uses them.  Yes, that type of content can be tactical but that’s the point. It’s content I want to follow, print out, and refer back to.
  4. Tactics that you can go do right away – All the examples listed above had one common theme:  I could take one piece from their content and do something with it.  That’s helpful content.

So there you have it.  One man’s opinion.   I have tried to change the Funnelholic content to be more examples, case studies, tools, and to-dos. It’s more fun for me and I hope more rewarding for my readers.

Craig Rosenberg is the Funnelholic. He loves sales, marketing, and things that drive revenue. Follow him on Google+ or Twitter

  • Hi Craig,

    I agree with you. We need to get focused on creating content that dives deep into How and Why and get over the surface What posts like 10 Things to Do. As for me, I’m looking for fresh ideas. Where do we go from here, why should we, and how are we to get there?

    Sorry – almost started a bit of a rant, then realized this isn’t my blog 🙂

  • You nailed it buddy. Actionable is the word of the year – 2013 that is. I have all but stopped going to events because if I wanted bad product pitches I could actually read some of the stuff in my inbox. PLUS it is the same people over and over and over. I want to hear from more practitioners and fewer pundits. I want that sales rep who figured out how to use LinkedIn to track their competition to light me up and get me energized that I can go back to the office and do the same thing.

    We have a mantra here at TBG that we use when we build messaging for our clients. It is two words “Be Interesting”. That is it… harder than it sounds but let’s go for it!

  • Good reminder Craig… have to run, working on the 10 tips for killer webinars post 🙂

  • I love everything about this post Craig. You are spot on. When we write we ask the question: “Will the great sales reps take away value from this?” Right now our content is more on 3 and 4. The personal journeys and stories will come with time and experience.

    Thanks for the post, we want more of them.

  • As I’m sure you are aware we are pretty much aligned on things like this. I like real world examples and results and if I’m making lists it’s normally lists of blatantly obvious yet constantly overlooked tips like “have something to say” or “stop talking like a corporate twit”. What I always find super interesting is that after sitting down and doing my content pipeline for Q1 & 2 of 2013, chock full of what I considered to be interesting, “how to” article ideas that I haven’t seen anyone do – the main request we continue to get from media outlets is “can you put together a Top X list for 2013”. Dammit! Then I remember what a whore I am.

    Oh well, any attention for MA is good attention right?


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