Video interview with Dan McDade from PointClear

Dan McDade recently interviewed me on what’s happening in b2b marketing.  I had a  lot of fun in the interview.   More importantly, there are some important b2b marketing tips to learn.  Dan does not spend millions on content yet he has created a branded (PowerViews) content series that has some great guests with large social graphs.

There are a couple other points I’d like to make:
1.  Video is hot and more fun than writing a blog post – Well, it is.

2.  Create once, publish many.  I love the way they take the video content and create written blog content.  Basically, one interview turned into video blog content, youtube content, and written blog content.

check it out.

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  • Being from Atlanta, we are huge fans of Dan McDade. I love how you guys are analyzing the transitions occurring in these big, old-school institutions. I’ve found in Atlanta, that these transformations may take a touch longer than, let’s say, somewhere in the valley. This type of collaboration and conversation is not only great for the industry but great for the region. Thanks.