Advocate Marketing Tactics: Learnings from the BetterCloud beta tester campaign

Are we having fun yet?

Today I have another fun marketing campaign to talk about via my buddy David Politis, CEO and founder of BetterCloud and his marketing manager Gail Axelrod.  Here is the set-up: BetterCloud launched their product FlashPanel into the Google Apps Marketplace a couple weeks ago.  Before launch, they had private beta testers doing their thing like bug-testing, etc.  BetterCloud and team wanted to turn their beta testers into advocates by creating a highly personal, multi-step campaign that coincided with the launch of their new product.  The result, BetterCloud was able to go to market with happy and vocal customer advocates.  Net–net,  I love it!

  1. Coinciding with the launch, BetterCloud sent a personalized packages to their private beta testers. (They received the day of the launch or before.  Each package had a t-shirt and a personalized note written by David which included a personalized URL.)
  2. The personalized URL was a custom video delivered by David to the private beta tester. As you can see in the picture below, the video was personalized for each user. What you don’t see on this page but you see in the video is employees from BetterCloud thanking the beta tester as well. Really personal, really exciting, lots of fun.   You can watch the actual video here:

    3.  The private beta testers were invited back to send a picture of themselves wearing the shirt with their company logo visibile. This will end up on a page on the BetterCloud website.

4.  Mission accomplished as happy advocates leverage the prominent social share buttons  to send positive social messages about the BetterCloud product.  At a minimum, BetterCloud is creating happy customers whether they are vocal (yet) or not.

Great stuff.  Some morals to the story:

1.  Personalization — I love this part of the story.  I am seeing more and more targeted personalization from b2b marketers with great results.   If you listen to all my friends in the business, they will tell you “It’s all about the buyer”.  Well, if that’s true – make it about the buyer and you will succeed.

2.  Promotion by customer advocates is the new black — I just met with Mark Organ, founder of Influitive whose new company is helping companies reward advocates for advocating publicly.  More and more b2b organizations will be identifying, cultivating and ultimately rewarding their advocates.    What I love about BetterCloud’s advocacy play is that they are new but still were able to create advocates pre-launch.

3.  Video — Video is hot and used incorrectly more often than not (Please see the numerous “infomercials” being created by vendors).  This video example is a great way to create a personal relationship with an advocate and have a little fun and excitement.

As special thanks to Robert Warren (featured in the picture) “Genesis Career College for allowing me to use his picture and story in this example.

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