Influencer Marketing: SugarCRM’s influencer playing cards

Here is a fun play on influencer marketing or influencer relations.  I am not going to write a big post on the importance of influencers.  However,  Paul Greenberg just wrote a comprehensive post on influencer relations you can see here.  Net-net: Most technology companies recognize that influencers write (blogs, whitepapers, etc)  and talk (speaking engagements and lots of 1-to-1 end user conversations) to their target customers.  As such, they want influencers to stay close to what they are doing.

Here is a tip:   Everyone likes to be recognized and everyone likes to have fun  (not just influencers, I mean everyone).   Chris Bucholtz from SugarCRM for SugarCRM‘s annual user conference had some fun and created memorable leave-behinds for his influencers.  Here is what he did: Chris had baseball cards created of each influencer that attended.  They had their pictures on the front with brief bios and one “fun-fact” on the back.   Unlike other chotskies that don’t make my desk, my card already has and I see SugarCRM every day.  I was honored by having the card made and I am reminded of that fact all the time!  For Chris, mission accomplished.  Oh and Chris loves baseball so I am sure he enjoyed this even more.

The cards:

This is the signed version!

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